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The boys are just starting to see the appeal of fancy dress and on Halloween the minute we put their bat costumes on they both became super hyper and Spud started yelling scenarios at Spike who played along because his big brother totally rocks.  With this fresh in my mind when Simply Fancy Dress asked me if I would like to review I couldn’t really say no.

I’m a bit of a geeky gamer so when I saw Mario and Luigi costumes on the website I was thrilled.  The Hubby and I had a joke about which boy would be which character and decided that we would go with Spike for Mario because he is short and chubby and Luigi for Spud who is tall and thin.  I popped my order in and eagerly awaited their arrival.


Within a couple of days the parcel was delivered and I immediately got the boys in on the action.  Both of them were jumping for joy at the prospect of dressing up and Spud recognised Mario from various Nintendo games that he has watched us play.  The costumes consisted of overalls, a hat and the legendary moustache.  The quality was good, obviously not as good as actual clothes and the material felt flimsy in comparison but good enough quality for playing in and simply dressing up.


They both fitted nicely, the hats were a good size and a bit stretchy so the size wasn’t an issue for varying ages but the moustache was a bit of a disappointment.  Firstly it was HUGE on their faces, the size I would expect in an adult costume.  It made us chuckle but it wasn’t really something they would keep on for more than a few minutes and it also only has one use.  When they wanted them off I stuck them back onto the card that they came on and when I tried to get them off again they were stuck fast.  I wasn’t budging them without ripping the card or ruining the stickiness that attached them to the boys faces.


If I bare in mind that fancy dress tends to be a one off outfit then I would absolutely recommend Simply Fancy Dress.  They have an awful lot of choice, a variety of sizes and are fantastic value for money.



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