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With my Mum’s 50th Birthday fast approaching and no idea what to get her but knew that I wanted it to be special and mean a lot to her.  As you all know I love photographs and have reviewed a couple of canvas’ on the blog over the past 18 months.  My parents are a lot more minimalist than I am and hardly have any photos on their walls but the last time I was there I noticed two big gaps that I was sure a canvas would look AMAZING in.  One of the gaps was in the conservatory and I had heard that without a blind, photos would fade in the sun so I asked about and was told by a fellow blogger that HelloCanvas use UV resistant inks.  Immediately I knew exactly what photo to use and set about placing the order.

The order process was extremely easy with the options self explanatory and in plain English.  I had selected a photograph of my parents with me and my brother that was taken last year.  We don’t have many current family photos with him in living in America the four of us together is a rare occurrence.  I had quite a big file size so was able to opt for the 70cm x 50cm size without losing any quality of the image.


There are a lot of effects and edits that you can apply before ordering from HelloCanvas including sepia, vintage polaroid and even the choice of a floating frame.  The image is mounted onto a 1.2” frame and packaged brilliantly using environmentally friendly plastic and custom built boxes.


When it arrived I opened it to check everything was ok with the order and was mightily impressed with the quality.  It looked stunning and I knew my mum would love it despite not being a huge canvas lover.  We decided to give it to her on the morning of the party and she was speechless.  She absolutely loved it and had a bit of a cry but that was mainly because she missed my brother and he was unable to make it to her party (or so she thought!)


It doesn’t hang in the conservatory it hangs pride of place in the family room and looks amazing on the wall with the quality of the colours popping out.  A lot of people came in and out of the house that weekend and everyone commented on how much they loved it.


HelloCanvas prices start at £13 and it includes delivery within 3 working days, a money back guarantee and come ready to hang.

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