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I live with three sauce fiends.  The Hubby will smother any meal with ketchup, brown sauce, mustard, you name a sauce and chances are he loves it.  The boys have both been having “dippy” with their food from the minute they could ask for it with mustard bizarrely being one of Spud;’s favourites.  We always have a bottle of French’s mustard in the cupboard and heaven forbid if we should run out!

Imagine their delight when French’s got in touch asking us to try their brand new relishes, dressings and sauces.  In the new range there are eight delicious new flavours including two BBQ sauces, two relishes, three dressings and a New York Steakhouse sauce.

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When the box arrived the Hubby was like an excited child bouncing up and down and immediately went into the kitchen to find out what he could cook in order to try one out.  The Hubby has sampled all of theses sauces with all different types of food and the only one that he really wasn’t keen on was the Blue Cheese dressing.  They are all packed full of flavour and complement food just enough to not overpower it.  He even took some of them to work for his friends to try and I have heard stories about how their bacon sandwiches were “divs” (Navy slang for very tasty!”)

The only issue that we had was that the bottles for the Classic BBQ sauce, the Sweet and Tangy BBQ sauce and the New York Steakhouse sauce can be very messy.  With the Classic BBQ in particular leaking all over our cupboard.

Overall these 8 sauces are a fab addition to the French’s range and priced from £1.99-£2.49 they are reasonably priced as well.

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