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I have always been a big music fan and one thing that I miss since having kids is walking somewhere or sitting on public transport with my headphones in losing myself in some good tunes.  I take the opportunity whenever it is presented to me even if it means only listening to two songs as I walk to Nursery to pick Spike up.

When Bassbuds sent me some headphones I was literally jumping for joy.  I didn’t know what I would be sent as they stock over 20 different colours. I squealed when I was faced with a pair of the prettiest hot pink headphones I have ever seen.  Bassbuds Classics are in-ear headphones made with Swarovski Elements so every pair have advanced Crystaltronics sound technology for ultra distortion free bass, crisp treble and noise isolation.  Swarorvski crystals are embedded in the back of the aluminium sound chamber in which the sounds waves are emitted and specifically tuned and directed towards the front chamber housing entering the ear canal with optimal bass and balance in treble.  Basically they make your music sound AWESOME!


I have always had trouble keeping in-ear headphones in and I made matter worse by getting my Tragus pierced.  Bassbuds offer memory foam tips that really mould to the inside of your ear for a secure fit.  I am always a bit skeptical when headphones claim to do that but thought I’d give it a whirl.  I popped them in to do some housework and was shocked when I didn’t lose a headphone at all even when throwing the vacuum cleaner around the room.  Even though they grip the insides of your ear they are SO comfortable.  After about 30 minutes of wearing standard in-ear headphones I always get a bit of an ache in the cartilage, even in my unpierced ear, with Bassbuds they are nicely cushioned and I am so far yet to have any discomfort.


The sound quality is fantastic.  They are noise cancelling as well which I personally have never experienced with in-ear headphones so it was a bit odd walking down the road and literally hearing nothing but the music.  Bassbuds have some pretty nifty features that I absolutely love.  Using the in-line MP3 controller I can pause and play the music and even skip tracks backwards and forwards without having to get my phone out of my pocket.  They have an integrated microphone and being compatible with all smartphones they can be used as a handsfree kit and are even compatible with voice commands.


Bassbuds classics come with their own storage pouch and 3 sets of replacement Earbuds in different sizes and boast an anti tangle, double wrapped cable.  When picking Spike up from Nursery my headphones usually get shoved in my pocket so I was able to test the anti tangle pretty well.  Now they do have a tendency to tangle a little bit BUT not anywhere near as bad as iPhone headphones do.  I have never had to unknot Bassbuds they untangle themselves pretty well with a bit of help unlike the iPhone ones which take an age to do.


Overall I would thoroughly recommend Bassbuds Classics.  They look good, they sound AMAZING and are totally comfortable.  Their main competitors are Beats Tour High Resolution (£139.99), Apple In-Ear (£66), Skullcandy Fix-In-Ear (£59.99) and Sennheiser MM70i (£69.99) and with an RRP of only £49.99 for me they are the number one choice.  They offer superb sound quality, excellent design and an affordable price, what more could you ask for?!

For a limited time only they are only £34.95 and using the code BB38471 during December gets you an additional £5 off!

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