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I like to think I am super organised and I write a millions lists.  In reality the lists never get looked at again and I end up flapping around or forgetting things.  The only exception is Christmas.  I have to be SUPER organised for Christmas there is just so much going on.  We have the Hubby and my Mum have birthdays, our Wedding Anniversary, my birthday and Spike’s birthday all within 4 weeks of each other.  Couple all of these with Christmas and it makes for a VERY hectic, expensive time.


I am not one of those women that starts planning in January, I usually start thinking about it in September.  We save money every month towards Christmas anyway to help break up the sheer cost of it all and then I get eagle-eyed and look out for the best ways to do things.  Here are a few things that we do to make it easier


We started buying presents in September during all of the toy events.  Big supermarkets and places like Argos had some right bargains to be had and we were able to cut the present budget right down.


We wrote our menu last week so we had some sort of idea of what to get.  We considered doing an online shop but they never choose the right veg or bring us dodgy meat so one of us will be going one night next week to get the majority of things and then again a bit closer to Christmas for the fresh things.  We aren’t sticking to the traditional Turkey dinner, none of us really like it so we are having a really nice joint of Lamb instead.  We kept our eyes peeled for a few weeks and hey presto Tesco had half price joints so a HUGE joint that serves 11-12 people is sat in our freezer after only costing us £12!


This is left down to me.  I prefer it anyway because the Hubby does a pants job.  Everything is stored nicely in our cupboard and I will start wrapping next week.  I have saved up a lot of programs on TiVo to try and make it a bit more bearable.  I use different paper for the boys and their presents get put neatly in a big bag so we know which ones are which.  The bag then becomes a bin for them to put the paper in after they have opened them. On Christmas Eve after the boys have gone to bed we will be donning screw drivers and setting up their big presents so we aren’t spending all of Christmas day battling packaging and having to put things together with excitable children.


We live 300 miles away from family and this year won’t be seeing them for Christmas luckily Parcelforce are offering decent services for all the presents that we have to send to nieces and nephews!


We are still building our own traditions, it’s our first Christmas as a family of 4 and this year it’s going to start with a glow stick bath, brand new pjs and a Santa’s Coming to Devon before leaving him a mince pie, bottle of beer and a carrot for the reindeer!

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