A not-so-Yummy-Mummy

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When I was pregnant with the boys I looked like a sack of spuds.  I simply couldn’t justify buying a whole new wardrobe for only a few months, I mean look at this picture, my maternity jeans have a blinking hole in them from hoisting them up so much!



I did used to browse maternity websites, particularly Tiffany Rose maternity clothing with a hint of jealousy, planning what I would buy if money were no object.  They have some really affordable clothes which I would have bought had I been able to.  Every spare penny we had went towards the baby as I made do in my pre pregnancy clothes and cheap maternity jeans.

One woman who will have no issues choosing something to wear to keep her looking as flawless as usual is Kate Middleton.  Yes there is a Royal baby on the way and if the way the press have hounded her for years is anything to go by, the Paps will be out in full force trying to get the first glimpse of bump.  There is always speculation about what she will wear and hopefully she will stick to her high street roots and show us not-so-yummy mummies that pregnancy isn’t just a walk in the glamorous, designer park!  However if this Huffington Post article is anything to go by we will all look on is awe as she glows in Alexander McQueen!

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