Did I get lucky with Ladbrokes?

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The Hubby has been nagging me for years to give online Bingo sites a try.  He quite often dabbles with sports bets and is pretty lucky with it.  His mum plays the bingo sites and recently won £10000 so I could understand why he was keen to get me involved!

I have always thought it was a waste of money because I’m not the luckiest of people but when Ladbrokes asked me if I would like a huge box of lucky charms to help me out on their website I thought it would be a laugh.


I was given £30 casino credit to have a flutter with which did scare me a bit because I am pretty clueless about the games that they had to offer but at least it wasn’t asking me to try my hand at poker!

With my big box of lucky charms at hand including the Lucky Charms cereal, chocolate, a 4 leaf clover, a horse shoe and a Maneki-Neko (Japanese lucky cat) I set to work.  I had a go at the slots and a couple of games of roulette but if I am totally honest I STILL lacked luck.

On moaning to the Hubby he did say that when playing sites like that I needed to go to the live section to have better odds but the credits I was supplied with only worked in the section where you play against machines.  Of course the machines always win, they can see what you bet!

I didn’t spend all of my credits in one night, I had about £8 left and decided to try again when the Hubby was home to give me a hand but when I logged in again it was all gone!  The credit was supposed to last 14 days and I had only had it for 2 so I was a bit confused to see it gone!

So all in all the answer to the question is No, I didn’t get lucky with Ladbrokes.  Not in the slightest.

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