Guest Post – Winter warmers: combating the lurgy

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Winter is definitely the season to get sick. With all the germs floating around, it’s almost impossible to avoid getting at least one cold virus. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to feel better when you have a cold, and also how to protect yourself and your family from other winter viruses.

Take Hot Beverages

When you have a cold, it’s important to stay hydrated because it helps break up the congestion in your nose and throat. While water is always a good bet, it can also be good to take hot drinks like herbal tea because the heat can be soothing. Try chamomile, green tea, or black tea with lemon and honey. You can also add a bit of whiskey to wake you up, but not too much, as this will make you dehydrated. Also go easy on the coffee, which is a diuretic and will dry you out, leading to more mucus buildup.

Use a Humidifier

Breathing warm moist air will help soothe irritation in your throat and nasal passages. If you don’t have a humidifier, you can also stand over a mug of hot water or tea and inhale the steam through your nose. Just be careful you don’t get too close because steam can burn your nose.

Take a Hot Shower

Another way to get your fill of steamy air is to take a shower. Not only will the moist air help clear your nose, but you’ll also feel better just by being clean and relaxed.

Sleep with an Extra Pillow

Instead of sleeping with one pillow, add another to prop you up. If you sleep flat, then the mucus will congeal in the back of your throat and make your congestion worse. But with an extra pillow, you’ll be angled downward so the mucus drains out. It will also be easier to sip a glass of water during the night if you wake up coughing.

Make Sure to Get Plenty of Rest

If you feel sick, there’s nothing wrong with taking a day to stay in bed. That way, instead of pushing your body through a long day at work or school, you can better direct your energy into getting better. You’ll also avoid passing the virus on to other people.

Get a Flu Vaccine

This winter, make sure to get a flu vaccine to prevent serious illness. When your immune system is weakened by a cold, you stand a much greater chance of being susceptible to other viruses, like the flu. The flu is a serious medical condition and may require hospitalisation. Getting the vaccine early in the season will help you avoid it and other flu-related complications, like pneumonia and bronchitis.

These tips are not meant to cure a cold, just help you feel better. Don’t contact a lawyer for medical compensation if you aren’t cured immediately. Generally, a cold will run its course in about three to five days.

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