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Fairy-tale stories, rip-roaring animations and live action family capers have all come from the Disney studios. Many of them feature in lists of the best films of all time full stop, but what are the best films to come from the Disney stable that have been screened in many a Vue Cinema over the years? Here’s a list of the top ten:

  1. The Lion King – the tale of young lion cub Simba and his journey towards becoming king is fantastic, largely due to the great soundtrack from Sir Elton John and Tim Rice.
  2. Bambi – one of Disney’s more heart-breaking animations, the tale of the young deer is sure to have you reaching for a tissue by the end.
  3. Toy Story – the original and the best of the three-part franchise, this amazing Pixar animation sees a young boy’s toys come to life when he’s not around.
  4. Snow White… – the story of a princess and her encounter with seven diminutive miners is heart-warming, funny and escapist, which is all you could ask from a family movie.
  5. Fantasia – this musical is often overlooked in favour of other films, but this musical shows that Disney is capable of producing something out of the ordinary and compelling.
  6. Beauty and the Beast – this classic love story about a pretty young woman falling in love with a huge, reclusive monster is perfect family viewing, not least because of the soundtrack.
  7. Sleeping Beauty – this fairy-tale story has a sad ending that will keep you guessing if you’ve never seen it before.
  8. Dumbo – the story of an elephant that learns to fly using his massive ears is as magical a film as you could ever expect to see from Disney.
  9. The Little Mermaid – far-fetched it may be, but the tale or Ariel and her oceanic pals is fun and has plenty of memorable songs.
  10. Pinocchio – a puppet that learns the importance of telling the truth is essential viewing for the kids, but the story itself makes for a good couple of hours’ entertainment.

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