It’s Christmas! A Meme.

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What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

The build up.  From November everything starts happening, we have the Hubby’s birthday, my Mum’s birthday, our Wedding anniversary, MY birthday, Christmas Day and then Spike’s birthday!  As you can imagine I feel pretty deflated as soon as 27th December hits!


What is your favourite make-up look for the festive season?

I tend to stay my usual colourful self but maybe go for some more seasonal colours although this year Christmas has come around so quickly that I didn’t realise how into December we were!


Real or Fake trees?

Fake, I think I may be allergic to real ones.


Giving or receiving presents?

Four years ago I would have said receiving but seeing the boys faces when they open theirs is more than enough for me.


Do you open your presents in the morning or evening?

MORNING!  For as long as I remember I have been awake waiting in my bed for a reasonable hour to get up on Christmas Day.  When I lived at home I was told under no circumstances was I allowed to wake anybody up before 6.30am.


What’s your favourite Christmas film?

At the moment it’s The Polar Express!


What is your favourite Christmas food?

I like all the snacky buffet bits that we don’t normally binge on during the rest of the year!


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