It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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December 1st is mine and the Hubby’s wedding anniversary but since having kids, and not having the freedom to pop out for a meal or a date to the cinema without it costing us an extra £20 for a babysitter, we have stuck to the tradition of having a nice meal and putting up the Christmas tree together.  Unfortunately for me, and luckily for Hubby as he is a bit of a scrooge, today he had to work a 12 hour shift so I opted to put the decorations up with Spud who has become increasingly excited about all things Christmas over the past few weeks.

He was VERY excited and listened to all the instructions that I was giving him about not having too many baubles in one place and not having too many of the same colour too close to each other.  Even with my control freak orders he had a blast!


Whilst I cracked on with all the other decorations Spud sat down to do one of the craft packs that I picked up at the 99p store yesterday.  He chose to make some Stocking Bunting and got to work sticking bits here and there.


I am very pleased with our decorations this year.  We threw most of them away last year because they were getting old and tatty which meant I have been decoration shopping for about a month trying to find all the bits that I want!  You will notice I cut the top off the Christmas tree photo and that’s because Wilkinsons have sold out of the tree topper that I wanted.  I have a huge thing about tree toppers, angels etc being too small for the tree – SIZE MATTERS!  I want something massive sitting proudly on the top of my tree not some farty little fairy that you have to strain your eyes to see!


When Spike finished napping he came down and you could see that he just didn’t know where to look first.  He has rearranged the Christmas teddies about 30 times and finally settled them down in front of the TV.  I am getting really excited about Christmas now because Spud totally understands everything that is going on and everything makes Spikes face just light up with excitement even though he doesn’t really “get it!”


I even popped up their craft bits from last year in the hallway and added Spud’s bunting.  Hopefully there will be a lot more to add in the weeks to come!


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