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Last month we went to The Baby Show Earls Court and were lucky enough to attend the launch of two brand new Stokke Connection Strollers.  The Stokke Crusi and the Stokke Scoot are joining the flagship Stokke Xplory in revolutionising the way babies are transported from A to B.

The concept behind Stokke strollers is fantastic.  I spent months bending over to interact with Spike when he was parent facing and being 5’10” it soon put a huge strain on my lower back.  I also felt really bad that Spike was just shoved in the pram and expected to sit quietly on his own.  He couldn’t look up at me the whole time because of the glare from the sun and being so low in his pram he had a lovely view of my knees.  Stokke strollers are called connection strollers because they enable just that – a connection between you and your baby.

The Stokke Xplory – The Ultimate Connection Stroller


The Stokke Xplory grows with your child with a soft padded, depth adjustable seat unit with adjustable footrest.  It parent and world faces at various heights on the chassis. The seat is adjustable with a few simple clicks giving your child the view that it wants when in the mood for interacting with you or exploring the world. It has 3 recline options in parent facing and 2 in world facing so coupled with the height function there is a plethora of positions to suit each child. The Stokke Xplory offers a lot of features that other strollers seem to over look. The height complies with most table heights so it can be used at a table in a cafe or restaurant to really include your child rather than sitting them away from all the action. It has a brilliant two-wheel function meaning it can be used in sand and snow with no problems and a single brake that controls both wheels. There is no bar across the back of the chassis enabling more foot room for taller people with bigger strides. The large shopping bag brings the weight down to the ground making the stroller more stable and a safer ride for its precious cargo.


The Stokke Crusi – The Multitalented Connection Stroller


The Stokke Crusi offers a from birth solution that can be used right through toddlerhood even if a younger sibling enters the fold. With a sibling seat that fits underneath offering a safe comfortable place for a toddler to hop in and out of when they get tired of walking. It lessens the need for a large double pushchair and keeps the interaction needed between parent and child. The seat unit is the same as the Stokke Xplory seat unit so offers the same recline options, adjustable seat depth, footrest and soft padded interior. The Stokke Crusi offers many of the same features as the Stokke Xplory: a highchair seat position, soft wheels that won’t puncture and a large area for shopping. The main difference is the ability to adapt as families grow.


The Stokke Scoot – The Compact Connection Stroller


The Stokke Scoot offers a much smaller compact, connection stroller. It is ideal for people of the go, negotiating public transport, narrow pavements, narrow doorways and the hustle and bustle of busy shops. Everything about it is easy. An easy fold, easy to push and easy to carry. The one-handed, compact fold means that it is easily done whilst trying to negotiate shopping or children onto public transport and is a brilliant option when searching for a lightweight stroller. Like the Stokke Xplory and the Stokke Crusi it has a higher seat position which is parent and world facing with 2 recline options for both.


To find a retailer near you simply visit the “Where to Buy” section on the Stokke website.

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