How to Plan a Child’s Party

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Children are notoriously hard to please at the best of times, but when there’s a big occasion like Christmas or one of your kids’ birthdays coming up, it can be even tougher to keep them happy. Regardless of whether they’re a toddler or about to celebrate their Sweet 16, there seems to be a lot of work involved in making it run smoothly. Thankfully, we’ve come up with a number of handy hints and tips which can help you to throw a child’s birthday party.

  • To make a child’s party extra special, you could let them wear fancy dress costumes. Celebrating a birthday dressed as their favourite superhero, cartoon character or sportsperson will help them to enjoy themselves, and it’s not as expensive as you might think to buy those outfits, especially if you shop around. You can check out sites like Fancy Dress Ball for Christmas fancy dress.
  • Perhaps the most important party of any children’s party is the food. Most kids’ parties have an array of finger food such as sandwiches, chips, sweets, mini pizzas and salad. Ideally, you should prepare most food the night before the party, but when preparing salad, drinks and other perishable food, it’s worth doing it on a morning and covering it until the party starts. You should serve food the kids will like, but nothing too filling or unhealthy.
  • You should have games for the kids to play. Popular party games include ‘pass the parcel’, where a small present such as a bag of candy is concealed under several layers of wrapping paper, hide and seek and treasure hunt, where you give your kids a series of clues leading to hidden treasure, which could be a small gift.
  • Although it’s not as important as food, drink, outfits or games, background music is something worth considering. As with the food, it should be something the kids like, as anything else will leave them feeling unhappy.
  • Finally, you should work out who to invite. Your kids should play a big role in this, and they’ll want to invite their friends. As well as their friends, you should also be able to invite family members, while when the invitations are drawn up, let your children help out, as it’s their party.

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