Guest Post – Money Saving tips for Christmas

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Christmas is coming, and that means it’s time to get your wallet out and spend your hard-earned money on gifts for all the family. While many people will save for Christmas, some don’t have that option and find that they’re left with very little money to spend on presents that their kids, siblings or parents would actually like. Fortunately, it’s possible to save money even at this time of the year by keeping an eye out for special offers, discounts and simply by shopping around.

The first thing you could do to save money this Christmas is take advantage of discounts at Some of the biggest retailers around have money-off coupons that could make the difference between being able to afford something and not. You could use them for bikes, electrical goods, toys or even for meals out or the weekly shop – the sky’s the limit when using those vouchers.

If that idea works, you might also want to consider making a shopping list for this Christmas. Thinking hard about what you need in terms of Christmas dinner, presents, decorations and other items, by sticking to buying just the items on the list, you won’t buy something you don’t need, which will therefore save you money. Asking your family what they would like earlier than usual will help, as you can shop around more for their preferred gifts.

One way of saving money on presents is to buy Christmas presents later than usual. By waiting until the sales begin on Boxing Day, you can save yourself a small fortune and get more for your money. Your family will surely understand, while giving them money as opposed to gifts will allow them to buy what they want and spend their money frugally, which will reduce the need to spend on wrapping paper.

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