Kaiya the Kitty Killer is losing her edge!

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When we go to stay with Nana and Pops our Facebook page often shows pictures of their three dogs.  They have 3 Labrador’s and Kaiya (golden) is the most “dog” like.  Brodie (chocolate) is so laid back that we aren’t sure what she thinks she is and Mabel (black) whizzes around like a toddler on speed.  Kaiya is the only one that shows true doggie instincts – chasing cats, scent marking, chasing her tail and in true Labrador style eating everything in sight no matter how inedible it is!


Being at my parents house last week with my Dad away for work left the dog walking to me and a chore I normally grumble about became quite fun.  We got Brodie when I was 16 and ended up having to get Kaiya 18 months later because she was SO needy.  18 months after that my parents decided that they wanted to complete the set and Mabel joined the family.

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They are all so different that when you walk them you need eyes everywhere to know what they are up to.  Mabel, despite being the most hyperactive, is the most obedient and if you say “walk with me” then she will until you release her.  Brodie is fat, lazy and old.  She has always dragged behind with a look as if to say “I was quite enjoying it in the warmth thank you very much!”  Using old as an excuse is pretty lame considering she has been like it since we got her as a puppy!  She will however deviate from her path in order to roll in poo.


Then we have Kaiya, the naughty one.  The Kitty Killer.  I will add that she has not killed any cats, she just likes to think she is a cat assassin sent to rid the world of the little hairballs whenever she can sniff one out.  She used to be able to sniff them out from a mile away, her ears would go up, her tail would wag and god help your arm if she was on the lead.  Most of the time her barrel gut gave the cats an advantage and they’d get the hell out of their before she got near but once or twice a cat has stood its ground.  If this happens Kaiya has NO idea what to do.  On her mad sprint she has death in her eyes but face to face with her nemesis she stops in her tracks, does a little hop and then looks around for back up in the form of Mabel and Brodie.

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Now for the week that I walked them I noticed that she had been losing her edge.  If I said the word cat she would dart off at top speed trying to find the dirty bugger but twice in one day we walked past one that was only about 3 feet away from her and she didn’t bat an eyelid.  Not one.  She didn’t even turn her head to acknowledge its existence!  Has she grown up and decided that actually cats aren’t all that great or has she really lost her killer kitty instinct?


Another one that’s lost her edge is Brodie.  Unfortunately it’s her eye sight.  The week started off pretty funny with her walking into walls or children but it soon became frustrating because she does not listen to help or appear to want any.  “No Brodie this way” *guides with hands* just doesn’t work.  She insists that her way is the best way even after she has fallen over sideways into a prickly bush.  I thought that after 5 years of living together Kaiya and Mabel might become her “guide dogs” but they don’t appear to give a crap!  She is so stubborn and will walk right next to the curb and slips off numerous times.  If you pull her further into the path she STILL walks on the curb.  It’s like she’s playing the wall balancing game that Spud loves so much!


One thing that they all have in common is a love for the boys.  All three of them adore Spud and Spike.  It got off to a shaky start especially with Kaiya because she doesn’t like baby anythings, she had a HUGE problem when Mabel was a puppy so bringing baby humans into it put her nose well and truly out of joint.  Funnily enough she is now the most loving towards the boys and the last one to take refuge when they go and visit.  They really make me miss having my own dog but then I see the sheer amount of dog hair that gets hoovered up every day, the amount of poo that they do and the amount of exercise that they need and I remember that sometimes it’s nice to just go and visit Nana and Pops!

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