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Up until Spud turned 3 he didn’t really have any obsessive tendencies.  He is not like me AT ALL.  If I find something I like I go all guns blazing and it becomes a total obsession.  He didn’t have any television programs that he just had to have all the toys, bedding, clothes etc. for so it made it quite hard to buy him presents as we just didn’t know what he liked and most toys seem to be from certain TV programs.  Don’t get me wrong he had shows like In the Night Garden and Waybuloo that he liked but he just wasn’t interested in any of the things that came with them.  Both boys only watch about an hour of TV throughout the whole day so maybe it’s our fault that he isn’t character obsessed!

Once he turned 3 he started to take more of an interest in television programs and started to have favourites.  Up until then I could just put anything on and he would either sit and watch for a bit or watch it whilst playing with toys.  He now asks us to put certain things on and if he sees toys matching them he gets himself in a right tizz.  Fireman Sam for instance gets him shrieking like a girl at a boy band concert!

The only exception to the rule is the Octonauts.  He LOVES the books and the toys.  Every time he sees a new “Gup” he begs us to buy it for him and he now has nearly the whole fleet.  But for some reason he just can not stand the TV program.


He met Captain Barnacles in Waterstones last year and was star stuck/terrified and we ended up with the bedding set and yet another figure play set.  As soon as it came on the TV he left the room!


With Santa’s visit being just around the corner there are only 2 things that he keeps asking for the Gup X and the Octonauts Octopod Playset.  I’m pretty sure Santa will oblige as he has been a very good boy this year and I kind of like that he doesn’t need the TV show to play with the toys, he can use his own imagination to set Captain Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso off on their own Spud fuelled adventures!

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