William Willett – The Man That’s Pissed Off Parents Everywhere

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Over 100 years ago William Willett, a keen horse rider decided that we wasted the early sunrise during winter and when people outright refused to get out of bed earlier he declared that we should put the clocks back an hour to embrace the daylight.  What business was it of his if people wanted to stay in bed, in the warm whilst he gallivanted about the country on horseback? Why did he want his peace to be shattered by making everybody else get up to enjoy the daylight?

He actually died before the tradition was implemented but when Germany opted to change their clocks in 1915, Britain soon followed suit.  Why our Government thought copying Germany whilst we were at War with them was a good idea is beyond me but I can’t say I am surprised, even the Governments of my generation make pretty shoddy decisions!

Last year parents across the land rejoiced when a bill was proposed to join Central European Time for a trial period of 3 years.  They tried this in 1968 but the Scots all kicked up a fuss because they couldn’t cope with the dark mornings.  Unfortunately for people of the 21st century the Scots kicked up a fuss again and the bill was never passed.

Hence why my Facebook was full of fellow parents moaning about todays early rise at 5.30am this morning.  I was one of said parents.  My delightful children were awake at 5.30am and raring to go.  It appears children across the land lulled their parents into a false sense of security yesterday by actually sleeping for “the extra hour.”  Now I seem to be the only one that doesn’t see where this extra hour is.  Spud woke up at 6.10am yesterday which was horrific!  I do not cope with a whole day unless it starts at the very earliest of 7am!  According to people around me it was indeed 7.10am because that would have been the time if the clocks hadn’t changed.  NO! NO!  THE CLOCKS HAVE CHANGED!  It was not 7am it was infact SIX AM!  Don’t try to fob me off with technicalities! Spike rose from his pit an hour later and our day began.

We went out for dinner last night and got back late with two very tired boys.  They didn’t go to bed until 8pm so we went to bed thinking we would have a lovely lie in.  WRONG.  At 5.30am both boys were wide awake.  I tried everything to get them to go back to sleep but it would appear their body clocks are both still on British Summer Time.  In the end I shut their door, told them to shush and went into my room where I went on Facebook to discover I was not alone.

They went quiet for about 25 minutes when I then heard Spud coaching Spike on how to get out of the cot.  I hadn’t heard a thud so assumed it was a no go and then I heard the tiny patter of elephant feet across the landing and Spike burst into my room laughing his head off.  I gave up, it was time to go downstairs.  This led to possibly the worst 4 hours my mother has ever experienced.  Her angel Spud who can do no wrong was screaming so hard he was nearly sick by 9am and banished to his room to calm down.  Spike was given a morning nap instead of his usual afternoon one as he started flaking at about 10am.  Unfortunately we aren’t as lucky as the boys so will solider on and probably end up snapping at each other or falling into bed exhausted as soon as the boys go down at 7.30pm.  Lets hope that Scotland win their much sought after independence and let us keep our clocks where they belong!

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