“Twick or Tweet!” Happy Halloween from Spud & Spike

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Our day started at a much more sociable time of 7.50am!  Spud had been up and in my bed playing angry birds since 6.40 but I can live with that!  We had a very productive morning carving pumpkins which I have to admit was the first time in my entire life that I have done it!  We had Team Spud (Nana) and Team Spike (Me) and if I do say so myself I think Spike won the pumpkin carving competition!

The boys absolutely loved dressing up, Spud ran up to me and said “I’ve gotta go mummy, put my mask on, I’ve gotta go rescue someone, I’M A BATMAN!”  We went over to see my Mums neighbour for a spot of trick or treating which was the only house we hit because 1. it was freezing cold and 2. I don’t think they are old enough yet to grasp that it’s a once a year thing and that they would have to hand over all the sweeties at the end of it!

We told them they could have a party complete with balloons and a picnic dinner after a HUGE lunch at Frankie and Benny’s.

I now have two snoring boys so let’s hope they sleep in just a little bit longer tomorrow!  (FINGERS CROSSED!)

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