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We live in a house provided by the Hubby’s job and although we are allowed to decorate we must put it back to the lovely boring magnolia before we move out.  We were only meant to live in our current house for 6 months so decided that we wouldn’t decorate but 2 years down the line the magnolia is starting to drive me potty.

Our main rooms are all nicely accessorised to add a bit of colour and style but the room that we spend the majority of our time in is horrible.  It doesn’t need any renovation or anything like that but it’s boring, uninspiring and doesn’t hold it’s multi functionality very well.  Our study is quickly becoming a dumping ground and due to it’s lack of storage to put it frankly there is shit everywhere.

I am entering our study into the Tots100 and’s home decor challenge.


We don’t watch much TV and apart four nights a week as soon as the boys are in bed we are straight into the study.  When they are at school, we are in the study.  When they are quiet, we are in the study.  We only have a living room for guests and somewhere to sit whilst I supervise the boys so it really doesn’t make sense that the study is the worst room in the house!

At the moment it has the Hubby’s Chelsea FC memorbillia on the walls (PLEASE save me!) but we would absolutely LOVE to do a superhero theme.  With the Hubby calling it the cave and me loving Batman we laughed about turning it into a Bat Cave but decided that actually there were too many cool superheroes to choose just one.

I have created a Pinterest board FULL of ideas but our dream study would basically be a bright, colourful, superhero themed, storage galore, gadget heaven!

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