“Hello is that Mrs Sidebottom?”

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The phone rings and I sigh.  Do I bother getting up from my nice comfortable nest of the sofa to climb over the obstacle course of toys that my sons have created to reach for the phone which is probably a sales call?  I think for a second that there is a chance it might be someone else so leap up narrowly avoiding standing on Lego bricks and toy cars to hear the words a 5 second silence followed by “Hello is that Mrs Sidebottom?”

It turns out the the previous owners of our phone number were on every single telesales hit list invented.  It’s probably why they changed their number and left it to Virgin to give it to us.  Thanks Virgin Media for that gem!

Sale calls for the Sidebottom’s are a daily occurrence.  Half the time my husband just ignores the phone but god help the poor person on the other end if he answers!  The caller isn’t really that fussy, if I say it’s a wrong number they start to pitch to me.  No I don’t have any outstanding PPI that I can claim.  No I am not interested in any home improvements and NO I am not due a mobile phone upgrade!  I am quite polite and courteous whilst asking for the number to be removed from the system when all I really want to do is slam the phone down or scream obscenities at them.

Whenever we go to my parents house we are told to ignore the phone.  They have the blessing that is caller id so can tell without answering whether the call is worth while or not.  I would say less than 10% of them are because the important people tend to call mobiles rather than the land line   It’s become a bit of a joke at their house because when a phone rings most peoples reaction is to answer it and then they get lumbered with the sales spiel!  I wish we had the luxury of caller id but unfortunately we have to put up with the blaring ring and requests to speak to Mrs Sidebottom.

Do you get many sales calls?  How do you deal with them?  Is there ever such a thing as a GOOD sales call?


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