Spud & Spike’s Weekly Roundup

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On Monday morning I took the boys up to school and went home to do some housework.  I had booked Spike to have an extra hour because Spud’s jabs were at lunch time.  I walked up to get Spud at the morning pick up and he burst into tears saying that he wanted to stay at school to eat his lunch.  I explained that we were going to the Dr to get medicine put into his arm and he literally ran out of school and down the hill to the surgery.  He sat in the waiting room laughing at the digital display that calls patients and ate his lunch.  When it was finally his turn he walked into the nurses room chatting away about his blueberries telling them that he had grapes at home as well…..

As soon as that needle was in his arm he stopped talking and started giving the nurse really evil looks.  He wouldn’t even talk to choose his sticker.  There were no tears but he wasn’t best pleased.  We walked out of the Drs and saw the Hubby waiting for us with the car, Spud ran with the biggest smile on his face at such a speed that I thought I would need to make a whiplash claim!  Less than a hour after leaving school Spud was begging to go back so we dropped him off and went to collect Spike.  When we picked Spud up from school at 3 he was still in an amazing mood and we went to the supermarket for some food.  Right up until bed time he wasn’t showing any signs that he had been jabbed.  Come 10.30pm however he was crying for no reason and couldn’t settle.  In the end the Hubby worked some sort of Daddy Magic and Spud drifted off and stayed asleep for the rest of the night.


My friend Kirsty was away so on Tuesday Noodles got dropped her off just after breakfast to spend the day with Spud.  The Boys got up at about 6am so Spike went back for a nap and the older two played Playdoh for more of the morning.  We had a scrummy lunch and then we went to catch the bus for swimming.  All three were on their best behaviour and I was able to go to the post office and walk up to the pool with no issues at all.  Spud and Noodles had a great lesson and have even started trying to swim without their woggles which is amazing.  It’s nice to see his progress every week.  We headed home just as it started pouring with rain and they all played nicely in Spud’s bedroom whilst we waited for Noodles to be picked up.  After a long day both boys were ready for bed early and crashed out immediately.  I really need to get Spud a bigger bed, he tends to spread out and look really uncomfortable in his toddler bed which is a surprise as I was expecting it to last until he was 5.  We are looking at bunk beds for him which he will love, every time we are in a shop that sells them he gets extremely excited!


Wednesday was a busy day for us; I dropped the boys off at school and then headed home to pack a suitcase.  The Hubby headed home from work to pick us up, we stopped quickly at Spud’s school bundled him into the car and went to get the train.  Three hours, some playdoh, colouring, eating, snap and eye spy later we arrived in Reading and were greeted by Pops on the platform.  Spud was over the moon and started chat, chat, chatting away whilst Spike ignored him looking for Nana who was waiting at home.  Arriving at rush hour meant it took about 40 minutes to actually get back to their house but Spike ran down the driveway and gave Nana the biggest hug he could muster!  After playing with Pops, cuddling Nana and eating dinner it was way past their bed time and Spud ran upstairs to find the book about Eggs that he makes Pops read every night.  They were out like lights as soon as their heads hit the pillow.


Thursday morning both boys wanted Nana and Pops.  Result, back to bed for me!  My Nan came around and the boys were equally as pleased to see her.  She took Spike into town after huge arguments about my pushchair and my mum’s friend came around to cut mine and Spud’s hair.  Once Spud was done Pops took him out in his new car to run some errands.  My dad has just bought a convertible and has fallen head over heels with it.  It’s quite sad really; every second sentence out of his mouth is about his beloved car!  *mid life crisis much?!* I had an hour to myself so watched a bit of TV and even felt a bit lonely!  My mum came back and we popped out to Matalan to get the boys some new clothes.  When everyone returned home my Nan took me up to Sainsbury’s for yet more clothes and to help pick out the boys Christmas presents as she is going away this year.


On Friday the boys spent the day with Nana and Pops whilst I headed to London for a Butlins Ambassadors meet up.  I jumped on the same train as Danielle from Blog by Baby and we headed to Covent Garden together.  It was very nice to catch up with her and meet lots of other bloggers at the meet.  We learnt some new hints and tips about using rich media on our blogs and had a chat about the Ambassador program.  With lots of wine flowing at various tables and a couple of games great fun was had by all.  Unfortunately when we left laden with bags it was absolutely piddling it down with rain.  Danielle and I headed back to Reading, via Millie’s Cookies, on the slow rush hour train.  Whilst I was away the boys had spent the day at Peppa Pig world.  They arrived home at about the same time as me and Spud was telling me all about his day riding dinosaurs and driving tractors!  We had a late tea put them to bed and then was forced to catch up on Corrie.


You would think lots of late nights would lead to at least an extra 30 minutes in bed on Saturday but nope at 6.30am Spud needed his bum wiping!  After their breakfast and bits from everyone else’s breakfasts they went out berry picking and dog walking with Pops.  After lunch Nana and Pops left the house with the intention of taking the boys to Beale Park.  As they pulled up at the gate both boys were fast asleep so they decided just to go for a drive.  Eventually they ended up at Millets Farm so took them there instead!  Whilst they were away I uploaded a lot of CD’s onto my Dad’s PC.  When he got home I had to show him how to do it (whilst I rolled my eyes at how much of a technophobe he has become!) and he commented on the fact that years ago he was teaching me about computers.  Things change Papa, things change.  My sons are showing HIM how to use the iPad and they are toddlers!  The evening turned into an XFactor bitch fest.  It just gets worse every single year, are those 13 people really the best of British talent?!


This morning at 4am saw Spike puking all over the cot due to his cough.  Both me and my mum were wide awake at that point so I ended up reading for an hour after Spike had settled.  I didn’t hear Spud at 6.30am but got up at 7.30am to get ready to leave Reading and go home.  We went out for breakfast and stopped to feed the swans on the River Thames to kill a bit of time before the train.  Despite being tired Spike refused to sleep on the train and both him and Spud were some what trying.  After a bunch of jam packed days, late nights and early mornings I think tiredness was starting to catch up with them.  This was proved when both of them crashed out shortly after arriving home and I had to wake them both for dinner!  With a ton of washing and a ton of housework to do tomorrow it means I am massively looking forward to them being at school in the morning!


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