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Spud is totally fire engine mad.  We live quite near a little fire station and although it only has one engine if we go past we always have to see if we can see it and he gets extremely excited.  If he ever sees one with its sirens going he literally jumps around shrieking!  With this in mind it made it an obvious choice when trying to work out what theme to use when decorating his bedroom.  I started hunting around for things and made a board on pinterest with ideas of things to get him.  Luckily for Spud the lovely Linda at EcoToyStore saw the board and offered him the Teamson Fire Engine Toy Box to test and help me review.


It arrived when he was at school so I set to work putting it together without help from little hands.   The instructions are easy to follow and it goes together really nicely.  Each piece was labelled with an easy peel off sticker so I could see what went where without too much hassle.  As I was putting it together I could feel how sturdy it was going to be and all the pieces went together flawlessly.  I absolutely love that it has castors on the bottom as even though it is a bit too heavy for Spud to move on his own I can move it out the way to collect toys that have slid underneath or to vacuum behind it.  It took roughly 30 minutes to put together and could have been quicker if I had found a smaller screwdriver when it came to doing the smallest screws!  With that in mind it would definitely benefit from having a little tool set included but that’s just me being lazy.

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Once it was together I was extremely impressed at its size.  It is much bigger than it looks on the internet and can fit an awful lot of toys in.  I was tempted to see if I could fit Spud inside but decided that it would just encourage him to use it as a ride in toy rather than a toy box!

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We popped it up in his room with some toys in ready for him to come home and find.  This was his reaction:

Overall it is a very study, well made toy box which you would expect for it’s £129.99 price tag.  The size and quality make it worth every penny as I feel it is going to last him a number of years.  The boys have been bashing it around for a few weeks and it is standing just as strong as it was the day it arrived.  I will probably buy some lacquer just to protect the paint work but that is personal choice rather than necessity.

Spud absolutely loves it and always says he wants to put his special toys in there.  When we go past the fire station now he says that the real fire engine is just like his toy box!


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