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Now that we are using Cloth nappies we are finding it quite difficult to find a bag big enough to hold enough nappies to last a day if we are going out for longer periods of time. Because we take our nappies home to wash it’s not like the bag gets emptier every time I change Spike’s bum! When Pink Lining offered us the Poppins changing bag to review I was extremely excited because I had heard very positive feedback about it from other cloth bum mums.

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The Pink Lining Poppins changing bag consists of one large pocket with a magnetic clasp and a zipped pocket at the front, both with the standard Pink Lining features. The whole bag has the shocking pink Nylon lining with the main pocket consisting of 2 insulated bottle holders, 2 nappy pockets, a padded changing mat and clear wet bag. The zipped pocket has all the “mummy” features including a pen holder, phone pouch, key fob, small zip pocket and mirror.

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I really like that my stuff is kept separate from Spike’s because there is nothing worse than having to unpack nappies, wipes, creams, clothes, snacks, drinks and all the other crap useful stuff that he requires to find my purse that has made it’s way to the bottom of the bag!  The adjustable strap is great as I can have it across my body or hanging from the pushchair handle.


The name Poppins is very apt. With the large pocket not having a zip you simply “pop in” anything that you need to take and it also appears to be bottomless like the famous bag in Mary Poppins. The only thing that really gets on my nerves is the insulated bottle pockets. It would be brilliant if they were detachable as the insulation makes them quite bulky and if you breastfeed or have a baby that doesn’t require a bottle during the day they get in the way. I have tried putting Spike’s juice cup in but it’s too wide and I have tried putting other things like creams, dummies and snacks in them but with the elasticated top it just made it too difficult to get to things easily.


If I’m being totally honest this bag is definitely more geared towards disposable nappy users. When Spike went through a week of wearing disposables I could fit plenty in the bag but as soon as we went back to cloth space became very limited. I can only fit one nappy in each nappy pocket so prefer to put those at the bottom of the bag and use the nappy pockets for his juice and bum cream/dummies/snack pot. I can still only fit two nappies with the wipes in the bag before it struggles to close. It’s good enough to go out for a couple of hours and has space to pop a jumper or spare pair of trousers in the top. If I am going out for a longer period of time I often reach for my old plain messenger bag and take a separate handbag for my stuff.  I also have stopped using the Poppins in the rain after Spike’s jumper got wet through the gap at the top of the bag, with it being a big bag it doesn’t fit easily into pushchair baskets so isn’t offered the protection from the elements that smaller bags get.


I chose the Apple Tree Poppins bag because I was sick of the sight of blue and fancied something a bit girlier. The outer fabric of the bag is coated in PEVA laminate which is wipe clean so easy to care for and the bag on a whole is extremely durable.  The changing mat is fabulous and so padded.  It is wipe clean and folds nicely to fit properly in the bag without scrunching any of the padding which has been a problem on previous bags. Overall the whole bag is extremely well made and with an RRP of £69 it’s good value for money. I have seen more expensive changing bags that cost a lot more but haven’t been of the same quality.

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