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When we attended Christmas in July we saw a vast range of amazing toys set to wow children this Christmas.  One brand that stuck out for me were Paul Lamond Games with the re release of Subbutteo and creative activities like Brain Noodles.  I was won over by their pre-school range of games called Chimp and Zee because previously I couldn’t find board games suitable for Spud at only 3.5 to enjoy.


The Paul Lamond Games Chimp and Zee range offer a brilliant range of fun, educational games for pre-schoolers.  Who’s the Princess, Pesky Pirates and Silly Socks all offer a whole lot of fun and provide a learning tool at the same time.  They are fast paced so offer roughly ten minutes of play which means nobody is going to get bored and it fits perfectly with toddler attention spans.

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We were asked to review a game from the Chimp and Zee range and Spud chose Pesky Pirates.  When it arrived we were impressed with the packaging as it offers a place to store the game when not being played with.  We opened it up and set to work.  The instructions were extremely easy to follow and the only thing we really had to set up was the pirates which are cardboard cut outs standing in plastic holders.  Everything in the game is thick cardboard apart from the arrow on the spinner and the plastic gold coins.

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The aim of Pesky Pirates is to collect the most treasure by collecting it in your chest as you head around the board.  Taking turns using the spinner to determine how many spaces to move you hope around but along the way there is the risk of losing treasure to another player or gaining theirs.  Once all the treasure has been collected from around the board, each player takes turn spinning to decide the fate of Jolly Roger’s treasure and that can swing the end result instantly!

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The boys and I had great fun playing Pesky Pirates, Spike is a fair bit under the recommended age range of 3-5 but because it was fast paced it didn’t give him a chance to get angry about having the spinner taken away from him and he soon cottoned on that he would get it back for his turn.  Spud was counting away and was able to recognise the numbers on the spinner so i can definitely see that they are benefitting from the educational aspect.


The quality of the game is superb. The colourful cardboard pieces are nice and thick so won’t bend or break easily and will be able to withstand a multitude of toddler tantrums, it is definitely worth it’s retail price of £9.99.  We are going to be purchasing some more of the Chimp and Zee range, from Timeless Toys, for the boys this Christmas and I can’t wait to try Silly Socks or Dodge the Dino!

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