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Unfortunately for me I inherited my Dad’s hair rather than my Mums.  She has straight, silky, brown hair and my dad has what appears to be ginger pubes on his head.  I keep my hair long and despite recently embracing the gingerness it is usually dyed as well.  I suffer terribly with frizz.  I even tried having a keratin treatment in April but it didn’t hold and I still had frizzy hair.  I was given the opportunity to review some John Frieda products from their Frizz-Ease® range and I nearly bit their hand off.

Here is what John Frieda have to say about the two products that I received:

Smooth Start® Hydrating Shampoo

  • Nourishes each and every strand of hair to replenish lost moisture and restore the hair’s natural defence against frizz.
  • Contains Frizz-Mending complex and natural olive oil.
  • Fights all levels of frizz with added nourishment and a moisture-boost.
  • Leaves parched tresses silky, shiny and highly manageable.
  • Ensures hair is given the optimal smooth start leaving parched tresses silky, shiny and highly manageable, without residue.
  • Lightweight formulations that won’t weigh the hair down but deliver exceptional results.

Daily Miracle Treatment

  • With a high-potency infusion of vitamins, proteins and supplemental moisture, leave-in treatment strengthens and helps repair hair.
  • Instantly detangles for smooth, silky, vibrantly healthy-looking results.
  • Containing essential vitamins, the spray leaves hair strong, shiny, and visibly healthy.
  • Fortifying, conditioning formula instantly infuses dry, damaged frizz-prone hair with wheat proteins and glycerin.
  • Featuring a protective blend of Vitamins A, E, and C.
  • Hair combs easily for increased manageability and reduced risk of breakage and split ends.

Upon using both, my usually dry hair did appear healthy and nourished.  It was very silky but it’s still quite frizzy.  I think continued use and with the help of the conditioner they might make some difference to the frizz and I was impressed with the overall condition of my hair after using them.

Check out the John Frieda website where they also have some fantastic ranges for coloured hair, including Sheer Blonde, Brilliant Brunette and Radiant Red.

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