Review – Dizolve Non Bio Washing Sheets

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Recently we were asked to test and review Dizolve Non-Bio washing sheets with concentrated cleaning powder. I checked out their website and Facebook and was intrigued by the blurb:

“Dizolve has revolutionised the way you wash your clothes. Forget measuring cups, spilling powder and bulky boxes. We have created an incredibly simple way to wash your clothes, just add a pre-measured sheet of Dizolve to your washer and you’re done. Dizolve washing sheets were developed with three key innovations in mind: Ease of use – no measuring, no mess Ease of storage and transportation – smaller and lighter Eco-friendliness – less packaging and biodegradable”

Even though I am always skeptical about products like this I thought I would give it a whirl due to the sheer amount of space a packet of Dizolve saves.

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I am so used to using powder, tablets or gel capsules in the washing machine that popping a tiny blue sheet in felt very alien to me.  We received a packet of 20 sheets which can potentially be 20 x 4.5kg washes.  There are instructions on the packet that help you decide how many sheets to use per wash dependent on the hardness of the water and the amount of soiling.  We have a 8kg machine with soft water, most of our clothes would be classed as lightly soiled so I opted for two sheets giving me 10 washes from the pack.


Overall I was impressed, they washed clothes in the same way that other detergents do and made things a whole lot easier.  They save me a hell of a lot of space in my tiny kitchen and make putting a wash on much quicker as there is no faffing about scooping the powder into the machine and then adding softener   However I will still be sticking with powder as we tend to buy that in bulk when it’s on offer to save us money.  We use reusable nappies so every penny counts where washing is concerned and at £2.99 for a packet of 12 sheets (6 washes) its just not financially viable for us to use.


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