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As parents, we want to keep children as safe as possible, especially on the road. Yet accidents are often out of our control and no matter how minor or severe, children can suffer from head and brain injuries due to whiplash. If your family is injured, an experienced road traffic accident solicitor can help you receive compensation for your pain and any financial loss by pursuing a whiplash claim.

 The Department for Transport’s data reveals that 35% of childhood deaths under the age of 16 occur on the road. Furthermore, reports have shown that traffic accidents are the most common cause of head injuries in children.

 While not all accidents are preventable, many injuries and fatalities are. To keep your most precious cargo safe on the road, consider some of these guidelines.

 Proper Restraint

Research indicates that using a car seat greatly reduces children fatalities and injuries. However, they must be installed properly; otherwise they can be just as dangerous as not using one at all.

According to UK law, all children must use the appropriate restraint until they are 12 years-old or 135cm (4 feet, 5 inches) tall. A proper restraint is one that conforms to European standards, is installed correctly according to the manufacturer’s manual and fits the child’s weight and height.

The absolute safest place for infants is in the middle of the backseat in a rear facing car seat. The front should tilt at 45 degree angle to accommodate a baby’s head and weak neck. If there is too much space, you can place rolled towels around the baby’s head for extra support.

As kids age, they progress from rear facing car seats, to front facing, to booster seats and then to a seat belt. Even if children are old enough to use a regular seat belt, it is suggested that they ride in the back. This is the safest place in the car, and they will not suffer from any head injuries caused by air bags.

Keep Kids Entertained

Kids are full of energy and excitement and the last thing they want is to be confined to a seat. Keeping them entertained will help make the ride more enjoyable and make you less distracted. Try popping in a soothing soundtrack will help kids relax or a fun audio tape to keep them engaged.

Give smaller children soft toys. Those that are hard and have sharp edges can be dangerous projectiles. Older kids can benefit from newer technology such as playing games on tablets and other hand-held devices.

Set a Positive Example

It‘s never too early to teach kids about car and road safety. Stress the importance of wearing a seat belt, not playing around cars, and not to distract drivers.

Accidents do happen, and if your family is injured in one, know that you can file a head injury claim and receive compensation with the aid of an accident claims professional.

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