Spud and Spike’s Weekly Roundup

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On Monday I picked Spike up from nursery a little bit early and headed into town to go to a nappuchino at the city library. I met up with the people from the Devon Real Nappy project who lent us the trial kit. The nappuchino was a good opportunity to see different nappies and have a chat with other cloth bum mums. I got some advice about his nappy rash and bedtime nappies and Spikey had fun playing with the toys. When he discovered there was a whole library on the other side of the arch he kept trying to escape and run away. Our cue to leave! The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.


Tuesday – Spud woke us up at 5am complaining of a sore neck. We had all been full of cold at the weekend so I assumed he meant his throat. He had a little bit of a temperature so I gave him some calpol and put him back to bed. About 30 minutes later he started crying again so the Hubby decided the best place for him was in our bed. Yeah well that lasted 5 minutes. The Hubby ended up going downstairs to sleep on the sofa. At about 6.30am I gave up and put the TV on for him. At breakfast he kept crying that he couldn’t eat it and I tried to look down his throat at his tonsils because the Hubby had said he had a stinky breath. I couldn’t see a thing so decided to book an appointment with the GP. Being a typical toddler when we got to the Dr, he was bouncing around like we were on a huge adventure. The Dr told us it was viral and to keep up the fluids. So began a nightmare day. Spud did nothing but whinge which I struggled to find sympathy for when in the blink of an eye he would become obnoxious and start whacking Spike around the head. Spike had clicked that Spud was poorly and spent the day antagonising him and trying to get him into trouble!


Wednesday – Spud woke up right as rain begging to go to school. We decided that the reaction if we said no would be horrific so sent him in knowing if anything changed they would give us a call. Today was the first day since school went back that we have run late. Everything was going smoothly but getting out the door just didn’t happen. We literally ran up the hill to get him there on time! I came home to do some housework, collected Spike at lunch time and then walked up the hill at 3pm to collect Spud. We went to his friend’s house after school for a bit and he had a HUGE meltdown when it was time to come home. The Hubby had similar and declared that I was grounded when I got in. I hadn’t cleaned the kitchen properly and he had wanted to cook. We split the kitchen chores between us and because he cooks I really should make more effort but he should have a bit more patience!  The boys Skyped Nana and Pops which Spike thought was amazing!  Spud has done it before but it was the first time that Spike could understand what was going on and kept saying “Nana, Pops!” and going around the back of the laptop to see if they were there!


Thursday is usually our lazy day. The boys woke up winding each other up and it got to the stage where I went upstairs to tidy my room just to keep them entertained! When Kirsty and Noodles asked us on a lunch date I jumped at the chance. We popped into town where we had a lovely time and all three kids were on their best behaviour. After the nightmare morning it was like two different sets of children! Spud wanted the playdoh out when we got home and he spent a good 90 minutes being creative. Even Spike got involved but he needs a lot of supervision because he tries to eat it!


Friday – PAY DAY! We dropped the boys off at school and headed straight out to the food shop to stock our cupboards. We took a quick detour to Starbucks for our monthly treat and then home to pick up Spike. When he was down for his nap I headed out to Argos to take advantage of their 3 for 2 offer on toys. Our Christmas shopping has officially started.  After weeks of lusting over Bang Tidy Cupcakes I joined their munch club and spent ages choosing 6 of their funky flavours to try out.  I collected them, walked through the front door and proceeded to drop the lot on the floor.  Typical me really.  Luckily they were only mildly smooshed and the Oreo one remained intact!


Saturday was a total lazy day. The most exciting thing for Spud was more playdoh and for Spike was his escape. I was in the back room tidying up and I thought Spike was playing with his toys in the living room. I went to check him and saw the front door open. Cue A LOT of swearing and me running outside shouting his name. A woman across the road shouted that he had headed towards the woods so off I went. He came toddling towards me with the biggest smile on his face. He is SO cheeky it’s unreal but I managed to stay calm enough to put him on the naughty step and lock the front door. He knows he’s not allowed to touch the door and scared the bejesus out of me by going off like that. We live on a main road and cars come around the corner so quickly that anything could happen to him! I guess the door will remain locked from now on!  Speaking of doors Spud started doing this:

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