Spud & Spikes Weekly Roundup

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Our week started with the school bills.  There is some things I don’t want to see at 9am on a Monday and the bills are top of the list!  I dropped both boys off which this week wasn’t as easy as last.  Spike has obviously realised that I leave and has started clinging to my hand.  He doesn’t get upset but I have to take him into the room and get him interested in the toys before leaving.  I tried out our new routine of making his lunch so it was ready for when he gets home to enable enough time to fit in a nap before having to go up and get Spud at 3.  It seemed to work and he was awake at 2 to help me get my D.I.Y on.  I decided that I’m sick of piles of coats on the floor that never get put back in the cupboard so I bought a cheap set of hooks to put up by the door.  I got the drill out and everything but did have to call the Hubby to ask why the drill wasn’t going into the wall.  Turns out the wall was solid so I’d need a proper masonry drill bit or just cheat and use no more nails!  I tell you no more nails gets EVERYWHERE.  Spike got some on his shorts and I was chuckling at the prospect of him getting stuck to the banister when he went over to give it a hump.  I swear he’s like a hormonal dog sometimes!


On Tuesday we popped into town to get the Boys feet measured in Clarks where we discovered Spike is a 7G when we thought he was a 5 (whoops) and that Spud has 9.5H.  Spikey got some winter boots ready for the weather turning but they didn’t have anything we liked for Spud.  We had a good wander around the rest of the shops to replace Spike’s size 5 trainers and get Spud some new swimming shorts.  He had his swimming lesson in the afternoon and was presented with his first swimming award for Ducklings level 1.  He still loves throwing himself in the water and I can see him progressing every single week.  His teacher said that he should be swimming independently before he starts school next year!


Wednesday is a school day again and I’m pretty proud of myself for not having one day where it has been a total rush.  We are organised and ready to go at least 15 minutes before we have to leave.  For some reason Spud dawdles up the hill despite saying he’s excited about going to school,  I think he is just being lazy and trying his luck for a sneaky piggy back!  I popped home and cleaning out the Hamster was about as exciting as my morning got and I ended up driving to get Spike at lunch time because it was peeing it down!  The weather has been so on and off with cold winds and rain to scorching sunshine within a matter of minutes.  The Hubby was sleeping off his night shift so said to take Spike with me to collect Spud.  Every day for about 2 weeks he has woken up at 2pm but sods law being what it is the one day he had to be up at 2.45pm he was still asleep so I had to wake him.  He’s not very good at being woken but when I told him it was because we had to go and get Spud he literally ran to his pushchair shouting Spud’s name!  Once home Spud was really tired so curled up in front of the TV for a while with Spike. I really love to see them sit there cuddling even if Spud does get annoyed after a few minutes because Spike is such a lump and insists on being right on top of him!


On Thursday we picked Noodles and her mum up and headed over to my friend’s house to see their 3 week old westie puppies.  Spud LOVED them.  I’m not entirely sure Spike realised what they were but he did want to try to hold them.  Unfortunately a 21 month olds version of hold is to grab them by the head and squeeze!  We then headed to the park to let them blow off some steam and had a lovely lunch at their house.  I left Spud with Kirsty because he was having such great fun with Noodles in their garden whilst I took Spike home for a nap.


Friday is another school day for the boys and I had a meeting about the curriculum in the afternoon.  It was really interesting to hear what they get up to whilst they are away from me in the day because I do feel like I miss out.  I love the break that I get when they are at school, even if it’s just to put bleach down the toilet without any “help,” but I do feel a bit sad when they do something new that I haven’t taught them.  Just little things like when Spud started reciting the days of the week, it totally took me by surprise.  When it was time to collect Spud I walked up with Spike and decided to walk down to the shops with Spud on the buggy board.  He was very excited but I could see from the big bags under his eyes that he was absolutely shattered.  I promised him that we would get the bus home which made his day.  Both Boys were extremely excited to be on the bus so I was glad that I had decided to get the one that went the long way around meaning a 20 minute journey instead of 5 – it made two tired boys very happy!


Yesterday started off pretty boring with major housework.  The Boys played nicely upstairs whilst I cleaned and they were mostly well-behaved.  Spike has a horrible cold which I think might be croup, he is barking like a seal at night but is right in himself bar a constant stream of snot during the day.  I remember when Spud had it they told me day 3 was the worst so I should know by tonight!  When the house was clean we popped to the food shop and I was hit with the realisation that Spike needs reins,  The little bugger was running off in the shop and I was being split three ways between both boys and my basket full of shopping!  Spud kept trying to keep Spike in check but is often a bit too rough.  When I told him to leave Spike alone it meant that he decided the opposite direction was the best one, basically flipping me the bird!  I picked up some safety scissors and glue when we were down there which entertained Spud for the whole of Spikes nap so that craft activity is top of my list especially as he cleaned up his own rubbish!


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