Spud & Spike’s Weekly Roundup

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Monday – The weather perked up a bit so we went to the lake on our bikes.  We have decided to get Spud a tag along bike thing so that we can start to go further afield and a bit faster!  On the way home he started to say he was tired and wanted to ride on my bike.  We tried to work out if he was tired or just didn’t want to go home.  Turning it into a game worked wonders and he sped home with Daddy chasing him!  We were a bit mean and told him that if Daddy beat him then there would be no biscuits left for him, the boy obviously thinks with his stomach!

Tuesday saw our weekly play date with Noodles followed by Spud’s swimming lesson.  He spends most of the week asking to see Noodles so it’s lovely to see them playing nicely together.  Unfortunately Spud was determined to cause trouble and pulled the laundry basket up to my bedroom door to use as a step to try to open it and get to the nappy stash.  For some reason he is obsessed with nappies.  He has been potty trained for over a year but if he can get his hands on a nappy he’ll put it on.  He doesn’t do any business in it and will take it off to have a wee but he just keeps sneaking around and putting them on.  At swimming Spud is gaining confidence at a rate of knots and at one point, when jumping in, pulled his hands away from his teacher and stayed underwater for ages!  After that he decided that he didn’t want to hold her hands to jump in so was throwing himself in unaided!

Wednesday was the Boys first day back to Nursery!  I was unbelievably excited about it whilst I was getting everything ready but as we walked up the hill I started to feel a bit sad.  Although Spud has been in the same setting since he was 18 months the children due to start school next September now go to pre foundation attached to the local school.  It means that although he is with the same staff it’s a completely new building and routine, very much like starting proper school.  It suddenly dawned on me that he was growing up extremely fast.  Spike didn’t make me feel any better, when I dropped him off at Creche he just ran straight in.  I couldn’t even get his coat off.  My little mummy’s boy is no longer bothered about me leaving him and I feel like neither of them need me as much anymore.

Spud spent most of Thursday talking about his day at school and after a fairly lazy morning we decided to pop into town.  As we were leaving Noodles and her mum arrived at our house and decided to take Spud to their house.  The Hubby and I took Spike to town and were able to get our jobs done pretty quickly without Spud dawdling along begging to go into every shop that hinted that they sold toys!  When we got home I went to get Spud and stayed for a brew.  When Kirsty went to get her older two from school I walked back to ours with Spud and Noodles.  They were holding hands and generally being cute when they started hugging and giving each other little kisses.  Noodles turned to me and said “Lauren is Spud my boyfriend” I just laughed and replied “I hope so Noodles, you’ve just been kissing him!”  Spud as cool as ever came back with “Yeah Noodles, you’re my girlfriend.”

Friday was a school day again.  I went off with Kirsty to Matalan and Asda to have a browse sans children.  I have started mentally writing my Christmas lists so got some great ideas whilst I was out but also know to go back to Matalan for the Boy’s PJ’s when we get paid.  I got home in time to pick Spud up from school and we walked home enjoying the sunshine chatting about his day.  Although when I asked him what he did his reply was “nuffink.”  The boys played together in the garden whilst I cooked for the first time in about 5 weeks!  The Hubby goes back to work next week so I thought I’d better get back into the swing of things!  After a busy couple of days both boys ended up bathed and in bed nearly an hour early, it’s going to take them a while to get used to routine again!

Saturday was our photo shoot with Photography for Little People.  Spud absolutely loved Dave when we had the Dylan and Daisy photo shoot so I thought I’d better book him up for photos if I wanted some amazing ones of the boys together for the Blog.  The weather held out thankfully and it looks like we have some great pictures of the boys in the woods and on the beach so they’ll be up on the Blog soon.  The wonderful Sockabuybaby made the boys some ti-shirts especially for the shoot and they are fab!

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