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I thought I would reignite the weekly roundup.  I miss writing about the mundane stuff and I know my Mum misses reading it!  Unfortunately with it still being the holidays and only a week after the Tonsil incident it’s not a very exciting week to be talking about!

Monday – A pretty lazy, rainy bank holiday Monday.  When it didn’t rain Spud was happily bouncing on the trampoline or playing in the puddles whilst I tried to organise the changes on the Blog.  Speaking of which you may have noticed the Blog has had a bit of a revamp!  It’s not quite finished but it’s getting there.  I have done it all myself which I’m quite proud of because I’m pretty clueless where coding and technical things like Photoshop are concerned!  Karina from Mums the Nerd was there at my side if I needed help or just to ponder aloud to!  I hope you like it, I’m not usually a fan of change but I’m loving it!

Tuesday –  We had Noodles and her mum coming around for a lunch date before swimming so the morning consisted of me running around like a blue arse fly trying to tidy up.  I am still a bit delicate from my operation and living on 2 hourly painkiller doses so had to rally the troops and have the Hubby hoover, Spud clean the table and Spike do the dusting.  He looked like a little pole dancer when he was dancing along to the music channel cleaning the bars on the TV unit!  I had told Spud at 10.30 that when the big hand got to the top Noodles would be here to play.  After 3 days of constant begging to play with her, he was most excited.  He kept running into the kitchen to check the clock and at 10.55am went to stand at the window.  Noodles arrived at 11.45!  Poor Spud!  We had a very nice lunch from the sandwich shop and then the Hubby took Spike off to bed for a nap and we took Spud and Noodles swimming.  Spud’s confidence is getting greater every week and he just loves his swimming lessons.  We got told that they had passed their Ducklings Level 1 so they would have badges and certificates next time we go! #proudmuma!

Wednesday – We popped to Tesco for some food and to see if they had a nightlight for Spud and some decent pillows for us.  The Hubby hasn’t been sleeping well at all (more on that later!) and Spud has been having problems at bed time.  At first I thought he was just trying things because he didn’t want to go to sleep but on Monday night he asked me to leave the landing light on and then proceeded to wake me up crying at 5am Tuesday morning because I had turned the light off!  His imagination is properly kicking in now as we can see it in his play and in his conversations so I guess the monsters are coming out at night as well.  I had looked online at night lights that are torches as well and found they were £20!  Why is everything so expensive nowadays?!  After having no luck at Tesco we put batteries in Spud’s lego torch and he seems happy enough with that as long as it’s close at hand.

Thursday – Ah the day before payday.  It was a pretty lazy day with only a trip to Starbucks and a trip to get some milk and yoghurts.  I took Spud out on his new bike to practice his peddling and took the Strider out for Spike.  Now Spike hardly has any balance anyway so I wasn’t expecting big things from him but he was amazing!  He sat on the saddle and walked along, slowly mind, but he didn’t fall off which is the main thing.  He looked so cute with his helmet on tottering away but because I was trying to juggle that and Spud I didn’t manage to get any pictures.  Next time I will draft the Hubby in to help.

Friday –  PAY DAY!  WHOOP!  We got up early and headed out to put fuel in the car and fill up our cupboards.  By the time we actually got to Tesco, via a house to pick up trainers for Spike that I bought on Facebook, we couldn’t be bothered.  We went in and got the lunch bag we had promised for Spud to have for pre school and to pick up the Octonaut toy that the Hubby had promised them on Wednesday.  After ANOTHER battle about the mess they make in their bedrooms I decided to put “toy cull” onto my Saturday to do list!

Saturday – I didn’t feel very well this morning so after breakfast went back to bed.  The boys had some quality time with the Hubby and my sleep kept being disturbed by shrieks of laughter.  It probably explains why Spud always states that Daddy is his best friend!  Asda delivered our shopping which led to another ranty phone call to their customer services.  Every couple of months we do home delivery with them and they mess it up.  I say I will never shop there again and then decide to give them another chance.  It’s like the pickers have no common sense or just mess it up because they think it’s funny.  I did the toy cull and was surprised to see that actually Spike has a shed load more toys than Spud.  There I was saying that Spud had far too many toys when in fact Spike has about 3 times as many!

So there you have our weekly roundup, sorry it’s not exciting but next week school starts again so we should have some more exciting things to talk about!

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