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When I went to Britmums I spent an awful long time relaxing in the Warner Bros. lounge.  It was there that I discovered the wonder of UltraViolet.  With so many devices capable of playing movies our DVD’s were constantly getting lost or scratched somewhere between the laptop, the consoles and the portable dvd player.  We have purchased downloads on our phones to keep the Boys entertained in emergencies but it’s sods law that they don’t want to watch Peppa when that’s all we have.  UltraViolet solves all of these issues….

When you purchase a DVD that has the UltraViolet logo it means that using the code provided inside the case you can stream or download the content onto any compatible device.


Say for example we are in the house and Spud wants to watch his Tom & Jerry DVD, I can use our WiFi to stream it from our UltraViolet account to the laptop and let him watch it in peace without taking over the whole TV.  If you choose to download the content you don’t need the internet to retrieve it, it will be sat happily on the chosen device.  UltraViolet future proofs your DVD collection, if you lose or damage the disc you don’t have to stop watching the movie or pay to replace the disc.

Warner Bros. sent us some Looney Toons DVD’s to test out the UltraViolet.  Setting up the UltraViolet account was quick and simple and within minutes I was able to enter the code and see the DVD on my screen I simply followed the instructions inside the DVD case.


Firstly I had to create a Flixster account.


Which I was able to do really quickly by logging in with Facebook.


Secondly I had to create an UltraViolet account to link to Flixster


And bam I was done.


I was then able to access our DVD through the UltraViolet website with options to steam, download or make new users.


One huge pro of UltraViolet is that when you add a new user it means they can log in from anywhere.  I could add my mum to my account meaning that Spud can watch his films and cartoons at their house without the need to cart all the discs along with him.


UltraViolet is so convenient and doesn’t cost anything.  It enables us to legally transfer things that we have paid for between devices so we can have our movies on the go and makes the price of DVD’s much more acceptable.

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