Review – Jungle Junction Race Launcher Play Set

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Both boys are huge fans of Jungle Junction and it’s on so often that I find myself singing the theme tune all day.  When we were offered one of Flair’s new Jungle Junction play sets to review, I couldn’t refuse.  The postman dropped it off and both boys were jumping for joy after realising it was Elevan and Crocker “off the teeveeee!”

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Spud was extremely keen to get started so we opened it up and set to work.  Putting it together only took about 10 minutes but the majority of that time was applying the stickers.  All the other pieces just clicked nicely together and the instructions were easy to follow.  The race launcher does come apart nicely when it’s not being played with as well so is easy to store.

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Once set up Spud placed Elevan and Crocker at the top ready to be launched and pushed down Bobby’s arm which then slowly rose up to ring the bell.  He launched one side whilst I did the other and we had great fun seeing who would win.  When Spike gets a bit older and understands the concept a bit better it will be a great toy for them to play with together.  Spud also liked playing on his own making them race down the ramps but also used the underneath as a house for them and got some toy cars from the toy box to race down the ramps.

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I do think that at £24.99 it is a bit pricey for what it is because the correct way to play with it didn’t grab him for very long.  It is however, well made and sturdy so should last quite a while.  Hopefully when Spike “gets it” they will play with it properly a bit more.


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