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We all know I’m a little (lot) clumsy so you won’t be shocked to hear that the Hubby is extremely anal about Insurance. Obviously the car is done because that’s the law but after breaking my phone the Hubby started insuring those and after breaking the laptop he became a home insurance guru. We live in a house supplied by his job so in all honesty it wasn’t one of the first things that we thought about because all of the furniture was supplied by them and most of our possessions were worth less than the excess on most policies. Five years later we have made our house a proper home with things that would bankrupt us if we had to replace them should something horrible happen like a fire or a flood. With kids home insurance is also paramount because they draw on sofas, puke on laptops and generally cause havoc for the first few years of their lives!

Compare the Market have just launched their new website for Home Insurance and we were asked to have a look and see what we think. It was brilliant timing because our insurance is due for renewal and the Hubby was on his mission to find us the best deal. (Seriously insurance quotes are all I hear about for about 3 weeks every time something needs renewing!)


I’m not going to lie, the one thing that instantly draws me to the Compare the Market website is the prospect of a meerkat toy. I decided that for once I would do the quote so it was quite foreign to me but extremely easy to work out. Everything is plain and clearly marked to point you in the right direction so I got to work filling in the form.


Bar the general details like name and address you obviously have to fill in details about the house but what I really liked was that the most common answers were already in the box so it the whole process was speedy because I didn’t have to trawl through great big drop down menus.


The form only took about 5 minutes to put all the required information in and if anything needed a further explanation there were a lot of green “help” question marks next to the fields which after one click bought up a more thorough explanation.


Once everything was filled in it was time to wait for the quote and I was entertained by scrolling meerkat messages letting me know about the toys and stating the Compare the Market saying.


The results page gave me a list of insurers in price order and a quick break down of the essentials from the price (I could choose annual or monthly) to the excess and to what was actually covered. More information about each quote could be obtained by clicking more details.


Overall it was a quick, pain-free process aided by how clearly labelled everything is. The website colours aren’t offensive and there is nothing flashy putting you off the job at hand. Now I just need to wait for the other insurances to need renewing so I can start collecting the other 5 meerkat toys!


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