Review – Clarks Autumn/Winter 2012

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In the summer because Spud wears so many different pairs of shoes depending on the weather we buy him lots of cheapish pairs or trainers, sandals, crocs, converse etc.  In the winter however he will wear one pair of shoes day in day out so always purchase a pair of nice, sturdy, warm boots that will last him the whole season.

He was only 9 months old in his first winter but was close to walking so every year for the past 3 he has been stomping around in Clarks boots.  When Clarks asked us to review again this year we were thrilled especially as there are now two of them to buy boots for.  We booked our appointment and headed in to have their feet measured and have a look at this years range.


We had intended to use the voucher we had been given to get Spud’s boots, as he does the most walking, but when we got there we discovered that Spike’s feet were actually a 7G so he had graduated to the big boy shoes!  We check his feet regularly and his size 5 converse style shoes still fitted so I didn’t expect the jump to be quite that big!  Spud has a size 9.5H but his boots from last year still fit him and being Clarks are in a fab condition so until his feet grow he can stick with those!  With it being Spike’s first ever pair of Clarks he had his picture taken and was given a loyalty card.


We had a look through the Autumn/Winter range and chose some cool “Stompo Hi Inf” velcro boots.  I really liked that they have a softer bottom so bend nicely making it more natural for his feet when he walks.  He’s still not that great at walking so I didn’t want chunky boots to hinder that when he has been used to bendy soles all summer.


Spike’s boots cost £36 but unless his feet grows I am confident that they will last him the whole season making the price very reasonable.  Spud is still in last years Clarks boots so they are definitely made to last.

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