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As part of the Britax Mumbassador program I was invited to their testing facility in Andover to see a test and learn about their car seats.  Britax are at the forefront of car safety and the TRIFIX is said to be the safest group 1 car seat on the market so I was keen to see it in action.  After the event Britax asked us to review a car seat for them.  They took the boys weights and told me what to look for in my car user manual to check compatibility.  There is also a really handy fit finder on their website full of different types of cars and you can choose a seat best suited for you needs.


Britax developed ISOFIX in 1997 and it is now an international standard for child seats in vehicles. Every new car on the market has ISOFIX points as standard to try and encourage correctly fitted safe car seats. To take safety one step further there is the third anchorage point for ISOFIX+ which in the TRIFIX is a top, V-Tether installed behind the seat and attached in the boot of the car. (Subject to compatibility)


When the TRIFIX arrived I was shocked at how big it looked.  In reality it’s about the same size as our old Britax First Class Plus but the seat is much deeper to allow for a taller child making it appear much bigger.  I expected it to be quite heavy but it’s only 10kg and has carry handles either side so was easy to take out to our car.  I demanded the Hubby come with me to help out with the instructions but they are pretty basic as all you have to do is pull out the ISOFIX, line it up the the brackets in the car and push it in until the indicators at the front of the seat turn green.  I located our third anchor point in our car user manual and put the V-Tether over the headrest and clipped it into place, pulled the strap, ensuring not to pull it too tight, until the strap indicator went green.  Within less than 5 minutes we were good to go.  If for any reason installation is a struggle there are plenty of online videos showing you how to do it and a QR code on the actual seat.

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The height adjustment for the straps is fantastic as there is no need to unthread the straps to position them.  It can even be done without removing the TRIFIX from the car.  You simply pull on the loop at the top of the seat to find the best position.  The chest pads are dubbed “performance chest pads” by Britax and sport some little lumpy bits (very technical) on the underside.  These are there to prevent movement in the event of a collision.  Britax are one of the only brands that can say their car seats are side impact protected as they test the seats thoroughly and above the required.  The TRIFIX has new SI-PADS which are shock absorbing pads within the side shell of the car seats to protect the child in the result of a side impact.  The ISOFIX points are wider apart than those on older car seats which also helps prevent too much movement of the seat in the event of a side impact.

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One of my favourite features on the TRIFIX is the pivot link, it is a standard feature on all Britax ISOFIX but as I have never had ISOFIX before it is the thing that most impressed me!  Basically the ISOFIX isn’t locked at a 90 degree angle to the seat and in a collision it enables the seat to pivot on the ISOFIX reducing the forward rotation.  It sounds extremely complicated but upon seeing the TRIFIX in a crash test basically pivot link causes the car seat to move in the opposite direction the the impact.  It allows the seat to move downwards into the cars seat allowing it to absorb the excess energy.  It pulls the child back into the seat instead of throwing them forward in a front on collision.  After the initial downwards movement the seat then moves forwards but a lot more gently than those using standard ISOFIX beause the energy has already been absorbed.  In case I have confused you too much here is a video that shows you what I mean! (Skip to 1.27)

Both Spud and Spike fit really nicely in the TRIFIX.  Spud is bordering on being too heavy so is actually in a group 2 car seat now and the TRIFIX is being used full time for Spike.  It is very easy to take out of the car and install in another car or for storage and the ISOFIX slides neatly into the seat making it more compact.  Both boys are big for their ages and fit really nicely with plenty of growing room.  Compared to our old group 1 car seat I would be confident in saying that the boys would still fit nicely once they were approaching the upper weight limit meaning that it will last the whole 3 years that it is designed to.


It’s the little features that make this car seat worth it’s weight in gold.  No stone has been left unturned and every detail has been thought out to make it convenient and actually suitable for children.  There is nothing worse than having a product that doesn’t wash easily or that lacks features that enable an easy installation.  The seat covers pop off nicely without interfering with the harness and can be washed.  There is also really handy harness retainers which stop the harness from getting in the way when trying to get the child in and out.  The buckle also stays facing in the right direction so isn’t at all fiddly to try and do up.  Above all it’s comfortable.  The seat is nicely padded in all the right places and Spike happily sits there with his legs crossed before dropping off to sleep.  If he does go to sleep (providing i’m the passenger!)  the 4 position seat recline is really easy to operate.  The TRIFIX is all about making things safer.  The features massively reduce the risk of incorrect fitting, cross threaded straps and twisted seat buckles.  With all of these in mind and the sheer amount of time that it will last the TRIFIX is worth every single penny of its £319.99 price tag.

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