The NHS Lottery

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This week it has been on the news that complaints about Doctors have risen by nearly a quarter in a year. Receiving the right treatment seems to be a lottery. You can go to one Doctor who tells you it’s just a virus and to work through it or go to another in the same practice that takes you seriously and refers you for tests.

When Spike was 2 weeks old I phoned up our surgery and asked if any of their Doctors specialised in Paediatrics. My mum worked at a Surgery where the Doctors all had a speciality or at least a preference in a certain topic. I should have run a mile when the receptionist started patronising me. Instead I brushed it off and accepted an appointment with a female Doctor because the receptionist deemed her the most baby friendly. At the appointment the Doctor wouldn’t come near Spike, wouldn’t listen to my concerns and told me to go to the Health Visitor. I thought I was bypassing an unnecessary step by going direct to the Doctor because 9 times out of 10 the Health Visitor just refers you! The Doctor’s exact words were “I don’t really do babies.”

Another 4 weeks passed and I visited the GP again about Spike. This time a male Doctor told me his plagiocephaly and inability to look left was due to him having an abnormally large head. This of course made me more worried than when I thought it was just Torticollis!

It was really the last straw. I put in to change Doctors. Within a week of being at the new surgery Spike had the reflux medication that I had been asking for, for over a month, and had been given a thorough once over regarding his head shape and size. Luckily for me these problems are minute. Nothing that Spike had was life threatening so it wasn’t as severe as clinical negligence.It was just downright frustrating.

We put our lives in the hands of medical professionals. On the radio yesterday I heard a case study of a woman that was given the wrong antibiotics. How can they get these things so wrong when it’s plastered in black and white on their screens in front of them?! The Hubby is deadly allergic to Penicillin and Erythromycin (the alternative to Penicillin) had that been him there would have been serious implications and a clinical negligence solicitorwould have been a must.


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