I Think I Need Help

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It started when I was a teenager.  They just tasted so decadent with their savoury insides and sweet chocolatey melt in your mouth coating.  Like many other amazing treats they disappeared backed up with claims of “limited edition” and “for a short time only.”

Last year the obsession was reignited when my parents bought some home from America when they went to see my brother.

Months passed and I started thinking about how amazing they were and how silly chocolate companies were not to keep them in production.  The Hubby thought I was mad.  He even said he had never heard of them.  Sacrilege.

Last week a large supermarket chain shared this photo on Facebook.

I jumped out of my chair!  AT LAST they were back and I could taste that amazing combination of flavours again.

They were all I could talk about for days, keeping my eyes peeled wherever we went.  I made the Hubby add them to our online shop and was horrified when they were substituted for Twirls.  TWIRLS?!  As if they are even remotely similar.

Since then I have searched high and low.  I am reminded every time I leave the house due to the enormous advertisements adorning every bus stop.

Well it would appear I need magic to get my hands on them.  Not one shop within a 5 mile radius has these treats to fulfil my craving and I am starting to get itchy feet.  Do i make the leap and drive further afield just for a packet of chocolate?  That would be taking it too far, wouldn’t it?

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