Guest Post – How to keep your child entertained in the garden

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Keeping children amused during the weekends and school holidays can seem like an impossible task; however, there are plenty of ways that parents can keep their children entertained in the garden, leaving them with more time to relax on a garden sun lounger.

Activity ideas

The opportunities for garden entertainment are endless. On hot days paddling pools provide an excellent opportunity for water play, and often paddling pools can also be emptied and used as sandpits. If a paddling pool is not an option, a garden sprinkler, bucket full of water or even a hosepipe can provide just as much entertainment.

 Outdoor entertainment does not have to mean new toys. Indoor toys can be brought outside, with a picnic rug, and children can be encouraged to have a teddy bears’ picnic or play with their toys in different ways. This is a great way of encouraging children to play with old toys that they have not used in a while.

Some of the best entertainment comes from children using their imagination. Encouraging them to make a den, a fairy garden or home for bugs, or to act out a play or a scene from a book in the garden, is a great way to keep them, and also their parents, entertained.

Gardens provide an excellent setting for children to get active. Bat and ball, swing ball, hopscotch, giant snakes and ladders, obstacle courses and football are all simple but fun ideas that children will love.


Every parent knows that children who are stuck indoors all day get restless and bored. A huge benefit of spending time in the garden is that children can let loose their energy without the confines of being indoors. They can make as much noise and mess as they like.

Being outdoors also provides children with much needed fresh air, encouraging their sense of wellbeing. In addition, children who play outside are more likely to get physical exercise than those who stay inside, and as a result are likely to be healthier. An hour of outdoor play every day can mean the difference between a child being overweight and being a healthy weight.

Furthermore, spending time in the garden helps to encourage children to be interested in nature. Activities such as planting sunflowers and growing vegetables are educational as well as fun, and teach children where food and flowers come from.

Budget entertainment

Playing in the garden is an excellent way to encourage children to have fun on a budget. Old toys become new and interesting when they are played with in a new setting, meaning that there is no need to buy new toys.

Children can have just as much fun being active in the garden as they can by doing more expensive activities such as bowling or going to the cinema. Being at home removes the need to purchase drinks and snacks on the go, which can really add up when they are purchased for the whole family.


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