Spike’s got moves!

Written by Lauren on. Posted in General

Last year LMFAO had Spud under their spell, it would appear they have now taken Spike as well!  He’s such a funny little man and dances all the time in the car to some really ridiculous music like the Spice Girls……

But LMFAO songs REALLY get him going.   I was in fits of laughter whilst driving home yesterday because Sexy And I Know It came on the radio and the louder I made it the harder he danced.  At one point I thought I would have to pull over because his rocking was distracting me in the rear view mirror.  The funniest moment that almost had me crying was Spud singing “wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah” and Spike wiggling!

This morning he started busting a move to the Party Rock Anthem and I knew I needed evidence to add to the “future girlfriend” collection! (Oh and yes he does stop mid song to tidy up!)

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