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When Leapfrog asked us if Spike would like to review their My Pal Scout we knew he would be impressed.  He has had their Twinkle Twinkle Little Scout since he was born and still relies on it every night to put him to sleep.  When he saw My Pal Scout for the first time his eyes lit up.  It was like he recognised his little bed time friend and he had come to play during the day.

My Pal Scout has won numerous awards over the past 3 years and it is easy to see why.  For only £19.99 (RRP) you get a toy packed full of features that is suitable from 6 months and is extremely easy to personalise.  My Pal Scout has 4 separate buttons and a bone on his collar that lights up.  His left foot is the power button and his other paws correspond to a different activity.  His hands are the “I want to play” and “Let’s dance” features.  His right foot is “I’m sleepy” and offers 2, 5 or 10 minutes of lullabies.  Each paw is quick and easy to customise simply by plugging My Pal Scout into a PC and accessing the database.  There is a choice of over 30 melodies and you can choose the child’s favourite colour, animal and food as well as add their name.  If their name isn’t on the list then you can email Leapfrog and they will add it for you.


After Spike had given My Pal Scout a welcoming cuddle and played with the pre loaded content we were able to sneak it away and personalise it for him.  We plugged it in via USB and everything loaded up easily for us without the need to consult any instructions.  There was a lot of choice, some songs and some just melodies but most of them recognisable.  We popped in his favourite things and his name and then gave it back to him.  The first time My Pal Scout said his name he looked a little bit shocked but soon found it absolutely hilarious especially when his name is incorporated into a song.  He is currently at the age where he is learning to count and make animal sounds so My Pal Scout helps to encourage that with the activities that he offers.  We really liked that My Pal Scout encourages caring and friendships, he often tells Spike that he loves him and asks for a hug which Spike, being the cuddly monster that he is is happy to oblige.

All in all My Pal Scout has gone down a treat with Spike and has even had the Hubby singing along when he thinks no one is listening!

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