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Now we all know about my Tonsils.  The amount of times my blog has been silent because I’ve been tucked up in bed feeling like the end is near is probably greater than the amount of weeks that I have consistently posted.  About 3 or 4 weeks ago I got tonsillitis AGAIN and in the automated appointment queue for the Dr’s struck gold when I got the loveliest Dr at the surgery.  I walked in, he looked at me and stated “gosh you don’t look very well” (thanks Doc!)  I did my usual and explained that I had tonsillitis again, that it was quite early but that if I didn’t start antibiotics then it would get to the stage where I couldn’t stand up let alone look after two young children.

A quick look through my notes and he saw the word Quincy pop up amongst 5 bouts of tonsillitis in the past 8 months.  He asked me if I had considered having them taken out to which I said I was very close to begging him to rip the buggers out.  I had been told that unless I had it 7 times within a year they wouldn’t even consider seeing me let alone taking them out.  We had looked at going private but it was going to cost us thousands.  My mum tried her utmost when I was growing up to get them to take them out but each time she was brushed aside.  I have always suffered with it but this year it’s been horrendous.  I blame the boys.  Bringing home all their yucky germs from pre school and crèche and giving them to me.  At least I am taking the suffering away from them for once!

Any who the Dr promised to write a very good referral letter and did all the basic height, weight, BMI, blood pressure checks to put in the letter.  He warned me that there would be 1 of 3 courses of action.  They would reject the letter, give me an appointment with an ENT consultant or put me forward for surgery.  When he said the latter I thought he meant I would see a consultant with a 80% chance of a yes.  Last week I got a phone call asking me to attend a pre op assessment on the 13th August in preparation to have a tonsillectomy,  I was a bit confused.  They didn’t even want to look?  They just want to take them out?  I will be rid of them at last?  It won’t cost us a penny?  YAY!  With my appointment being just a week away and not months away I have a lot of love for the NHS right now!

My tonsils must have heard of their fate because on Saturday I started to feel a bit unwell.  At first I thought the Hubby had given me a headache.  He came home from work after a 12 hour shift in an odd mood, moaning left right and centre about everything and nothing.  After about 30 minutes of that he became the annoying 5 year old child that lives inside him.  The one that pokes and tickles, farts and laughs and generally becomes a total pain in the arse.  I huffed off to bed with a banging head, tutting at the immature being that I had married.  On Sunday the headache was still there and the Hubby went off for another 12 hour shift.  I breathed a sigh of relief and oh no what’s that? A SORE THROAT!  Gradually that and my foggy head got worse.

Luckily last night the Hubby didn’t revert back to his 5 year old self and we had a nice evening watching the Olympics.  This morning I woke up with furry tonsils and feeling very sorry for myself.  This definitely warranted a trip to the Dr.  So here I am dosed up on Ibuprofen, paracetamol and penicillin for the next week, hoping and praying it stays away for them to take the buggers out!  If I have tonsillitis when my operation comes around they won’t do it because it risks spreading the infection elsewhere.  The Dr today did however write a note about maybe having a swab taken to check if I needed a different antibiotic to get rid of this bout once and for all.  Either that or they are getting suspicious about the amount of Penicillin I have had over the past year knowing my husband is highly allergic to it!

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