Our Baby Best Buy

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Forgetting all of the baby essentials, our Baby best buy has to be the Fisher Price Precious Planet newborn to toddler rocker.  Spud had a chair similar to this that we never ever used but with Spike being a younger sibling this has been and still is our most used item.

We had a bargain priced chair when Spikey was first born but when we put him into it, as a newborn it didn’t look that comfortable and when he wasn’t in it our 15kg toddler kept climbing in which within a week of Spike being born became too much and it bent beyond repair.  We had a look for a newer one and considered spending the £64.99 on the Fisher Price one.  The Hubby was a bit shocked at the price but we needed something that would suit both children so he reluctantly handed over his card.

From day 1 Spike looked comfortable, it soon became the place that he would have his little naps during the day and it meant that he could be up off the floor.  This was paramount for us because we had Spud and it protected Spike from him bouncing around and being careless with his toys.  As the months passed we still used it every single day.  Spike did have floor time and cuddles but for times when I needed to do chores or give Spud one on one time it became my lifesaver.  With its removable toy bar and vibrating function it was Spike’s favourite place to be.

Spike is now 20 months old and the chair is still going strong.  We used it every day for feeding him breakfast but has recently started sitting up at the table.  He spends all day climing in and out of his own and can quite often be found chilling in his chair and even Spud has a go when he’s engrossed in Fireman Sam.

It has far exceeded our expectations and has been worth every single penny.  I can definately see why it has won awards.  With the weight limit being 40lb we still have lot of use to get out of this chair and it still looks as good as it did on the day that we bought it.  I have washed the covers and they were easy to wash and came out nice and bright with no fading at all.  You can see from the most recent pictures just how good it still looks and that is after daily use for the past 10 months and multiple washes.  The boys aren’t nice to it and have bounced in and out, tipped it over and rocked it at huge speeds and it still refuses to show any signs of giving up.  It is a fab rocker and I would recommend it to anybody.

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