Spud’s “Specials”

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Spud has never really been one for toy attachment.  He has his Pippy who stays in his bed but he had never insisted on a particular toy going everywhere with him during the day.  A few months ago he started insisting that he took a car in his pocket.  Then he got a watch in his Party Bag from Timeless Toys which he decided was a must have accessory with every outfit.

His pockets became increasingly more packed when he started collecting little bits and pieces that he found lying around.  He’s like a magpie where money is concerned and climbs any obstacle in his way to pocket any change that we leave on the side.  Over the past two weeks it has become ridiculous and he was rattling when he walked.

His pockets have been so stuffed that his trousers have started falling down.  He was given some pocket money by my Dad which he kept in a little lunch box and carried around everywhere but the lid kept coming off.  Yesterday he wanted to take a car, an ambulance, a boat, an Octonaut, a map and his money to Sainsburys.

We decided to try and find him a little wallet for his money but ended up getting him a little “man bag” instead.

He filled it with his “specials”

…..and can carry it around knowing everything is safe!

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