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I don’t normally shop in Next but I do lust over their children’s range every season.  The Boys hardly have any clothes from there because as far as I see it, for the amount of time they are in the clothes there is no point in spending £10 on one ti-shirt when I can get 4 for that elsewhere.  They do have Next raincoats because they need to last a long time and the quality is generally better.  When Next asked me to review for them I jumped at the chance to finally treat us to some of their gorgeous ranges.  I started browsing their website for things for the Boys the wear to their Jubilee party and then was asked if I would actually review something for myself.  Somebody wanted to treat me!  What a rarity!

I received the £40 gift card and started browsing the women’s section online.  Nothing really appealed to me and as it’s laid out like a catalogue which I’m not that keen on for websites I went to the store to have a browse.  Typically nothing jumped out at me, it’s always the same when you actually have money to spend somewhere.  After a few days of deliberating my friend told me that Next sold Converse All Stars.  These are something that I had to sacrifice to put shoes on my children’s feet as at £40 for a pair of low tops they suddenly weren’t a priority for me.  I went straight online and chose a pair that I loved.  Result they were in stock.  When I added them to my basket it said they were no longer in stock.  Great.

I chose another pair that I loved almost as much as popped them into the shopping basket with my fingers crossed.  Luckily they were in stock and I proceeded to place the order.  Here is where we came unstuck.  It asked me to log in and as I don’t have a Next account I thought I would just create one and place the order with the gift card.  This isn’t actually possible.  To order from Next online you have to have a credit account.  They have to run a credit check and it will affect your credit file whether you are accepted or not.  For a number of reasons I do not want a Next credit account.  One massive one being if I had it, I would spend it.  I find it very easy to see credit as free money that you worry about later.

Unable to proceed I phoned the helpline and things just got worse.  I was told that I could open a cash account over the phone and pay for my items but I would be unable to use the gift card.  I would have to place a cash order to activate a cash account.  Ok fair enough but this company GAVE me the gift card to spend and they were making it very hard to do so!  After a few phone calls including one trying to activate my husbands old Next credit account that he had never spent on we gave up.  It was starting to get ridiculous when they wanted him to place a cash order to activate his credit account!

A few days later I popped in store with the website item code to order the Converse at the till.  The code that I had taken from the product on the website didn’t match the item that I wanted so the sales assistant got the catalogue for me and found the right shoe.  Guess what.  It was out of stock.  By now I had lost all faith in Next.  I guess it is not just the expense that stops me from shopping there.

For the purposes of the review I did buy the Boys a ti-shirt each on the 2 for £7 deal and the Hubby some shorts all of which are wearing and washing well.

Unfortunately the experience of the whole thing means I will stick to other shops from now on.

UPDATE:  Since writing this review I have received the shoes that I originally wanted as means of apology.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive a voucher for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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