Introducing Princess Honey

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Both Boys love animals.  My parents have 3 dogs and a cat and our friends have dogs and the boys are so loving and gentle with them that we decided it might be time to get them their own pet.  They have their fish; Chick, Finn and Plec but they don’t really do much do they?!  Spud does run in every morning looking for Plec and watches him for about 5 minutes as he hides or scoots around.  When pre school had chickens I saw him handle a small animal and he was so loving and gentle that we didn’t have to worry about him squashing things any more.  We wanted to start small so opted for a Hamster.  At the pet shop Spud was so excited to be choosing one and he chatted away to the sales assistant about getting his own “Amster.”  He made his choice and we set off for home ready to help settle her in.


Once home we started pressing Spud for a name.  She started off being called “Amster” so after a discussion about his name and Spike’s names he came up with “Princess Amster.”  After a lot more pressing he randomly came out with “Princess Honey” so that or “Honey” for short will be her name!  Both Boys are fascinated, check out Spike’s expressions in these pics!



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