Time for Some Little People Clothes Shopping!

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I wish this weather would make it’s mind up! One week it’s glorious sunshine and the need for shorts, ti shirts and sandals and the next it’s torrential rain that shows no signs of stopping.  With Spud being our first baby he had clothes for every occasion so we never had to worry especially as I was super organised and had a bag packed for all eventualities so come rain or shine he was dressed for it.  Since Spike things have gone dramatically downhill in the organisation side of things and I’d forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on.  Call it baby brain or just plain forgetful but it’s not often that have everything that I need!  We also thought we had lucked out by having a second boy as we already had anything including clothes.

Well.  Spike was born a whole season behind Spud so when he needed long sleeves the clothes we had were all short sleeved.  We had been able to re use most of Spud’s stuff and got away with just buying the odd outfit but now that he is dramatically catching Spud up in clothes size we have to properly buy him some clothes instead of bits here and there.  Today we had to try and find Spike a light jacket like a hoodie to wear when the weather is warmish, humid but not sunny because Spud still wears the ones we bought for him at this age!

I always like to make sure the kids are dressed nicely so spend an age looking at kids clothes.  There are some truly gorgeous bits available and I’m kind of lucky it’s two boys and I have some restraint.  Put a girl into the equation and I wouldn’t be able to move for pink, frilly clothes!

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