The Hornby London Olympics 2012 Event

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A few weeks ago an email popped up asking us to attend Hamley’s in London for an exclusive toy event.  When I read the invite and I saw that it was Hornby I couldn’t say no.  Spud is a HUGE train fan, he has little bursts of excitement when we are going to Sainsbury’s purely because it involves driving past the train depot!

To celebrate the London Olympics, Horny became an official partner and have launched 165 new products all with the Olympics in mind.  The event was being held to show us the products and let us have a little play.

Since I was pregnant with Spud my Dad has been talking about Scalextric and Hornby train sets and eyes them up at every Birthday and Christmas.  He has big plans to convert either the loft or the garage into a train room so it was only right for me to bring him along.

We arrived at Hamley’s and were greeted by Wenlock, one of the Olympic mascots dressed as a Queen’s Guard.  We were shown to the private party room where we were surround by food and Hornby products.  We were a little disappointed to see only one train set but they also had a velodrome and lots of little cars and key rings as well as some memorabilia like a tiny Olympic torch.

Spud was able to have a good look at what was to offer and soon settled down lining up the cars in a row like he does at home.  We were then given an exclusive tour of the store and taught the History of Hamley’s and invited to take advantage of their open box policy.  Basically if you want to see what’s in the box just ask and they will open it!

After some photos with Wenlock and a speech introducing us to the products there was a prize draw to win some of the brand new products and we were given our goody bags.

To check out the latest offerings from Hornby in celebration of the London 2012 Olympics simply visit the London Olympics 2012 store.

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