When Harry Met Spikey

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I’m not one for gender stereotyping toys and my Boys have had kitchens, vacuum cleaners, dolls and buggies.  Both of them love their kitchen and their cleaning toys but generally dolls and buggies are cast aside in favour of cars and trucks.  Spike has a bit of a thing for small teddies and the occasional doll but we never anything specific – until he met Harry.

We got Harry from Timeless Toys because I thought he was unbelievably cute and who could say no to his gorgeous little face!  I had to order Spud a new watch so sneakily snuck Harry into the shopping cart at the same time without telling the Hubby.  As soon as he arrived Spike loved him.  He won’t let Spud anywhere near him and carries him around everywhere.  He is a lot smaller than I thought he would be but fits nicely in Spike’s hand and in the crook of his arm.

Usually we don’t let him take toys to town because he gets bored within a few minutes and throws them at passers by but as he was very reluctant to let Harry go we thought we’d give it a try and put it in the bag if he got lobbed.  Spike didn’t let the thing go!  He sat cuddling Harry for the whole time that we were in town.  The best thing is the Hubby doesn’t mind him having him because he doesn’t look girly!

The quality is fab and it was well worth the money that I paid.  He has gorgeous ginger hair which is probably why Spike is drawn to him – my dad is ginger and one of Spike’s superheroes.  He doesn’t look silly with it and Harry is not his dolly, he’s his best friend!

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