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We always look for ways to save money that is essentially being wasted.  We look around for the best deal and switch things around if it will make us better off.  Now quite often you have to spend money to make money and there is no such thing as a free lunch.  Well Southern Electric, part of the SSE group, beg to differ.  They are offering their customers the opportunity to save up to £310 a year with free cavity wall and loft insulation. They have also extended the offer to non customers if their homes qualify with a free assessment to see if you fit the criteria.  There is even the chance to be given a £75 high street gift voucher just for qualifying.  Phew what more could you ask for?!  For more information and to see if you qualify just pay Southern Electric a visit.

The right level of cavity wall and loft insulation can make a huge impact on your energy bills and the environment so even just checking that you have the correct amount is worthwhile.  As well as offering free insulation Southern Electric also have a whole host of energy saving tips.

Just a few of my favourite tips are:

  • Draw the curtains at dusk and keep the heat from the day in your home.
  • Turn your heating down by 1°C and you could save around £60 per year*.
  • Only fill kettles with as much water as you need, but make sure you cover the element if you use an electric kettle.
  • Don’t keep opening the oven door while you are cooking. Keep the glass clean and you can peek in when you need to.

Another way to save money with Southern Electric is to choose one of their 4 tariffs that include iPlan.  The online service, with a funky little gadget, that allows you to keep track of electricity usage and how much it is costing.

So with Soutern Electric striving to save us money and save the environment we are going to be quids in – £310 is an awful lot of money and just imagining spending it is making me close to falling off the pram obsession wagon!

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